Let your child get dirty with watercolors, paint Wallpaper and make giraffe bright blue

Fold and divide numbers and read Pushkin's child and teach in school. But every mom with every dad wants their child to grow up happy, with imagination, with a head full of thoughts and sudden ideas, so that our heir will become an interesting living person who is not afraid to create. Because without "creators" no scientific hypothesis will be born, no one company will advance in the market. It is creativity that will help a child to try, make attempts, decide, experiment.

CREATE! How can we help their children grow creative individuals?

Not to forbid you to paint and decorate!

Parents love to spoil everything. "Carefully draw, do not stain clothes!" No! Smudge, do not get distracted by clothes, clothes are nonsense when you paint and paint. The main thing is to create. This, of course, is reasonable. To cut the "noodles" of my mother's French scarves can be boldly forbidden, but then offer something in return - something that can be cut into "noodles." Do not say "do not paint on wallpaper", all children like to draw on wallpaper. In advance, agree that you can decorate wallpaper with large coloring sheets (you can print them from the Internet or buy fashionable color posters right away), and attach an easel board to the door, for example.

If you do not tilt and do not prohibit, the child will understand that it is possible to try.

To help the artist!

Make sure the child was comfortable to draw, paint. Equip the workplace, wear an artist apron and sleeves, put the oilcloth on the table, if you are afraid that it gets dirty. If you will be painting a large "canvas" on the floor, cover the floor.

The child will feel that his work needs someone and is interesting.

Do not return "from heaven to earth"

"Pyramid from pots? So do not! Take the blocks, they are supposed to make a pyramid. " "Why did you wrap the scarf around your head?" So do not wear! "Wear, build from pots and paint giraffe in lilac, and mouse - in green. Give the opportunity to try and express yourself. And suddenly you have a future fashion designer, a builder or an abstractionist? "Zaviral" ideas have repeatedly saved mankind and glorified geniuses. Let the child believe in yourself and your ideas. This is important not only for creativity, but also for self-esteem.

To include fantasy, always and everywhere

Do you have near the door a whole store of dirty sticks (magic staffs and swords)? Excellent. You grow a dreamer. Walk in the park - collect spiky chestnuts, make them hedgehogs or little men. In autumn, collect the leaves. In winter - sculpt amazing snowmen, and not classic snow women. And what do clouds in the sky look like? And how does the train say when it's on? And let's think up funny names for all your toys, let's paint these seals in unusual colors, let's finish the book with the tasks that are missing ... And so on.

Forms? Only uncertain!

This applies to children. The best toys are usually balls, rings, cubes and something from which we can build, create. Cot for baby is also better to build out of pillows and boxes. House for dolls can be constructed from large cardboard boxes, and the curtains at the window out of cellophane bags. Of jobs on paper, choose those where you have to finish, connect the dots, continue to come up.

Dyeing the whole family

The best motivation for children of all times and peoples is the example of Mom and Dad. If children see how you paint still life on the day off or paint Van Gogh's canvases, and that you like it, your creativity pleases and calms, the children will also take pencils in their hands.

To start with coloring

Sometimes children are afraid of the white sheet of paper. Getting used to the kindergarten or school to get clear of the task, children do not know where to start if job is no, that is creative freedom scares them. In this case, it is great to help coloring. Coloring are taught to hold a pencil, select a color, choose a form and stay in contours. And then you can on a white sheet of paper "turn" and begin to freely create!

Why coloring develop

  • They learn to structure. Child can learn different shapes, colors.
  • They help to train coordination of movements – the hand becomes hard, and the fingers learn to hold a pencil within the contours.
  • They learn to concentrate, be diligent and attentive.
  • They help to Express your emotions when the child chooses a color.
  • Color therapy. Some colors soothe, while others awaken and lift your spirits.
  • They are taught to bring the case to the end. Until docrates the whole picture, do not know what happens.
  • They are taught to do the job according to the rules (especially if it is set to color if coloring by numbers, by letters, for examples).
  • They form taste. The child learns to match colors to items in the picture looked beautiful.