The main mission of a woman is, of course, motherhood. The birth and education of children is the meaning of life for most of the fair sex. But it happens that the path to women's happiness is difficult. Some couples can not conceive a child, despite all their efforts. What to do in this case? How can I get pregnant quickly? This was told by specialists of the clinic "AltraVita".

General recommendations

To quickly conceive a child, both spouses need to observe the following recommendations:

  1. To abandon bad habits. Abuse of coffee, Smoking, alcohol should be banned for the whole period of attempted conception, and for women this includes pregnancy and lactation.
  2. To get rid of excess weight. This question also applies to both spouses. As full and too thin women may have problems conceiving. As for men, they have the extra weight degrades the quality of semen. Therefore, when family planning is necessary to bring the weight back to normal. This should be done gradually, so this process was not a strong stress for the body. Everything should happen naturally, without strict diets and toxic pills.
  3. To abandon high-intensity physical activity. Both partners need to take time off from classes related to physical strain (for example, power sports). A woman must abide by this prohibition during the entire pregnancy, the male simply wait for the moment of conception.
  4. Regularly sexually active. Sexual acts should not be frequent and not rare. It is important for the semen quality of men. If sex no more than 10 days, there is a lot of "old" sperm cells with fragmented DNA. They carry defective genetic material. If it's been less than three days in the ejaculate will be too many immature sperm cells. The volume of semen may be insufficient for fertilization.
  5. To choose the right days for conceiving. Should you have sex during ovulation. Reliably determine when the egg goes to the fallopian tube with the dough, which is sold in the pharmacy. You can also calculate the ovulation calendar, but this method is less reliable.

Recommendations man

To ensure that the conception occurred quickly, a man needs:

  1. To move more, to engage in less-sedentary work, and take daily walks. This is necessary in order to cause a stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs – this can adversely affect reproductive function.
  2. It is undesirable to overheat or SuperCool his groin, to carry in his pants pocket the cell phone, much to overwork. All these factors cause a reduction in the number of viable sperm cells and reduce probability of conception.
  3. Must pass a medical examination along with his wife. In healthy couples the chances of quickly conceiving a child is much higher than that of people in history where there are STDs, and chronic inflammatory diseases of the genital organs.
  4. We need to try to protect his girlfriend from stress and nervous shock, because it can lead to hormonal failure and menstrual disorder that would make conception less likely.

Advice to the woman

In order to become pregnant quickly, a woman should:

  1. To undergo an examination that includes a visit to the gynecologist, tests (for STDs, HIV, hepatitis b, syphilis), ultrasound of the pelvic organs. If the survey will identify diseases that can interfere with normal course of pregnancy, carried out their treatment.
  2. To observe the regime of work and rest. Body during pregnancy is subjected to considerable overloads, so you need to the moment of conception, the woman was healthy and rested. For this you need to refuse overtime, to respect the day. You can take a vacation and go to rest.
  3. Abandon drugs and use of any chemicals. A few months before conception to exclude any contact with household chemicals, since they contain toxic substances that can have a negative impact on the health status of women and the fetus. During sexual intercourse it is necessary to abandon the use of intimate gel lubricants, because they adversely affect the quality of semen men.
  4. To avoid stress. Emotional tension can lead to hormonal issues and the violation cycle will cause problems with conception. Therefore, a woman needs to stay positive, to relax and not to succumb to negative external influences.

The birth of a child is one of the main events in the life of any person. The feeling of happiness that the mother and father of a baby experiences when they appear in the world can not be compared to anything. Observing the above recommendations, one can achieve that conception occurs quickly, and the child is born healthy.

If you can not get pregnant, please contact the center of reproductive medicine. In most patients, impaired fertility can be restored in the course of a short treatment.

The material was prepared with the information support of the clinic AltraVita