Since its invention glass became one of the most popular materials used by man in all areas of his life. Its elegant transparency and fragility has always been valued very highly.

Tradition decorate glass painting  in our days is reborn. Due to the huge variety of modern colors, glass painting is available to everyone. Decorate the painting can be decidedly everything: from simple glass frames to glassware of the most complicated shapes, from glasses and plates to mirrors and glass doors.

Painted glass is not only stylish decor. because the painted items fully retain their functionality. However, when painting dishes intended for eating food, it must be remembered that the pattern should be applied from the outside of the product so that the colors do not come into contact with food.

In General, for paintings glass usually used stained glass paint. designed specifically for this purpose, as well as acrylic paint. The colors can be as opaque or transparent, in addition, there are special dyes with sparkles - glitters.

Getting to the painting of glass. the surface definitely should be cleaned from dust and dirt and to degrease alcohol-containing solution. The outlines of the intended pattern applied to the glass with a special contour or a standard token, which signed CDs. Then a special paint-outliner is applied to a relief contour, which will prevent the spreading of ink.

By drying the contour, you can proceed directly to painting the product with paints. If necessary, the paints can be diluted with special solvents. It is recommended to use a separate brush for each color so that the colors do not accidentally mix with each other.

The finished product should be covered with a special varnish. which will protect the paint from wearing. Additionally the painted product can be decorated with various beads, crystals, beads, colored sand – the effect is stunning!

Now some useful tips from the experienced artists in painting glass.

  • Always it is necessary to create a colored sketch of the future layout on paper is a great way to appreciate how perfectly chosen color scheme.
  • Avoid spreading the paint and keep painted side of the object horizontally until the paint dries.
  • Want to as coloring to check the transparency pattern, so as not to "overdo it" with its density.
  • For convenience, dilute and mix paints for painting should, on a glass palette, under which is placed a sheet of white paper – this will help to better define the color.
  • Random flaws in the picture should be removed with a cotton swab dipped in solvent.
  • The air bubbles that formed figure, you should immediately remove with a toothpick or the tip of a tissue. Otherwise, in place of the bubble when the paint dries will remain "hole".
  • Cover the drawing with varnish only after the paints have dried completely. Usually - about a day later, but the manufacturer's instructions may specify other dates.

Painted with observance of all technology requirements of the product you can safely wash in warm water. using detergents.