Decoupage is a very popular modern technique of decorating various objects, from small plates and bowls to large chests of drawers and cabinets. Decoupage technique is not very complicated, but there are techniques that require specific skills.


What you need for decoupage?

What is decoupage: the technique, the techniques of decoupage What you need for decoupage: a set of necessary toolsfor beginners



What you need for decoupage for beginners: brushes, glue, paints, varnishes, sponge




Paint and varnish for decoupage


Varnish for decoupage are needed to protect the product from external influences. Varnish covered the surface of the product before starting work, and after work on the product with the protective lacquer is applied in several layers. The varnish used for decoupage acrylic, alkyd. There are also special varnishes to create craquelure.

Decoupage technique for beginners

The basics of decoupage for beginners

  1. You must first prepare the surface you want to decorate. If it's wood surface, sanded, and then apply a primer. As a primer can be an acrylic paint or undiluted PVA glue.
  2. While the surface dries, should be cut any pattern out of a napkin. The more accurate the cut out pattern – the better.
  3. Next, you should separate the two bottom layers of paper – will remain only the top, colorful.
  4. Carefully attach the napkin to the surface and a brush to apply a coat of varnish, gently smoothing the cloth. It is important to ensure that under the cloth was free of air bubbles.
  5. After complete drying of the first coat of varnish should be applied one more layer.






Thanks for the article. Everything is quite clear and clearly described and discussed. I have only one question: if God. what is called a talent for drawing offended (and the imagination), whether to start trying? I just think that decoupage is the same skill as, say, painting. Hope. am I mistaken, ine all so sad. )