Vanity of big cities, bustling highways, heavy, dirty air and other “delights” of cities – all this is so tiring... Sometimes you want to drop everything and go where calm and easy, where every little thing – a flower, a Bush or rock is a pleasure.

Own a dacha – a real escape for city dwellers.  And everyone does it in accordance with their ideas about style and beauty. After all, you need to live beautifully, but this does not mean that you need to have all the most expensive and luxurious. No, as they say, this is not happiness. In fact, we must seek the beautiful in everything that is around us and try to use it as much as possible to get closer to our dream.

Here comes to the aid of creativity – it makes our life brighter and more interesting. And who said that you can't use it when making your small garden, or a huge suburban area? So landscape design  - this is, first of all, creativity. Today it is a whole branch of professional activity.

Experts in landscape design  - these are people who have versatile knowledge about the styles and characteristics of modern garden and park areas. And landscape designers know almost everything about plants that will please you on your site - from small lawn grass to giant trees. They clearly understand how to combine plants with each other, what characteristics each flower or bush has, what kind of soil and lighting it requires.

After all, sometimes we, people inexperienced, unable to buy just any plant, but in a few years it will not give us peace, still on an expanded to epic proportions and disturbing all around. In order to avoid this, it is better until you get in the garden nothing grows, trust work on the layout of the site and its landscaping professionals. Besides, without landscape designers it will be very difficult to cope if you have conceived an unusual style for your site - for example, the eastern garden, the alpine hill, the fountain, the cascade etc.

It often happens that we want something, but don't know what exactly. In this case, specialists will help you decide the style, considering the territory and the conditions of your garden. And styles of landscape design there is a great variety. For example, regular style. A characteristic feature of the garden in this style will be the presence of a pronounced axis of the composition - the core of the entire planned space.

English style (or infinity) uses the natural placement of elements and smooth lines. Your garden will resemble a wildlife area with meandering paths, picturesque ponds, plants in this case are planted in tiers, creating a natural color. Chinese style built in accordance with Feng Shui. He suggests landscaped gardens, interspersed with some architectural forms that each have their own symbolic meaning.

The Japanese-style garden  - something very interesting and a little mysterious. Style is closely related to the unique Japanese culture, religion and philosophy. The Japanese garden can consist of thirteen stones, one of which is always hidden from view, or from one tree. Therefore here you have to choose. Once you decide on the style, landscape designers will start creating a project for your future site.

The project allows you to make the necessary calculations. provides you with the opportunity to see your garden in a sketch, in order to avoid, in case of any inaccuracies, the redoing of an almost finished site. The project also allows you to calculate the amount of work and pay for it.