By purchasing a pet, we must not forget that You are not buying a toy, but a living creature that requires Your care and attention. Animals are a lot like people. They also have their own characters and habits, moods, affection and sympathy.

But, unfortunately, animals are also susceptible to various diseases. They are like us, can get sick with a cold or flu. But to treat your pet yourself is dangerous to his health. It is better to entrust the treatment professional veterinarian a specialist in such matters.

Moreover, the visit to the vet should not be delayed till the extreme case when the animal is already sick. Preventive checkups "doctor Dolittle" should be carried out regularly.

If You go for a visit to the vet for the first time, the animal can easily be frightened by unfamiliar environment with unfamiliar people. For rodents, birds, cats, of course, it is better to use special handling the animal conveniently be transported vekaline. The dog could be taken on a leash, and representatives of large breeds may need a muzzle – fear the dog may become aggressive.

During the first visit, the veterinarian probably will suggest You to fill a number of documents. Some vet clinics for animals give birth the same patient card and people. The vet may need information about You as the pet owner, as well as information about the animal: where You purchased it, how many animal lives with You, how and what You feed him, etc.

After finding out all the necessary details the doctor will proceed with physical examination of the animal. Usually, the veterinarian examines the eyes, ears, nose animal, examines the hair and skin, palpated the abdomen and abdominal organs, urogenital system inspects the animal. The doctor may also listen to the heart beats and the breathing of Your pet.

After examination, the vet may give You directions for tests of blood, urine, feces of the animal. So as usual first to the vet, pet attribute is still quite small, it is likely You will be asked to spend vaccination animal.

We should not think that going to the vet is the prerogative of only purebred Pets. Ordinary cats and dogs of the breed "gentleman" check-UPS by a specialist are also required. After all, the doctor will check the health of the animal, but also be able to provide valuable advice to care for them and will help you create a diet.

If the animal had any diseases or abnormalities, in this case, the vet should be treated necessarily. Remember that with self to do the impossible! First, You can't 100% be sure of the correctness of Your diagnosis, and, secondly, only an expert can correctly pick up the dosage of therapeutic drugs.

A special reason for the visit to the vet – neutering a pet. If the animal is not intended for breeding, the experts strongly recommend to sterilize. The body of the animal is not exhausted, disappears the risk of “unwanted progeny”.

For females of some animals, such as cats, pregnancy and nursing offspring are not the physiological need of the body. Therefore, the sterilization does not cause them psychological damage. But if the surgery is performed by an experienced technician in an appropriate environment, the risk of complications is minimal.

A visit to the vet cannot be delayed. if the animal has symptoms of acute poisoning, increased or decreased temperature, there are breathing problems animal injured. In such cases, the speed of Your conversion to the vet depends the life of Your pet. So be sure You should have written contact details of the nearest veterinary clinic or vet.

Always remember that we are responsible for those who tamed – take care of life and health of your pet!