Fishing long is one of the favorite Hobbies of men all ages and nationalities. And most recently, precisely on 11 July, professional fishermen and Amateurs of fishing even celebrated the holiday – Fisherman's day.

Fishing is both a hobby and a very enjoyable stay and exciting sport. For each fish has its own rules of fishing. so fishing is not just throwing a fishing rod into the water, but a whole art, which is devoted to not one hundred books, television programs, websites.

Beginners in fishing should know that fishing is divided into summer and winter, sea and freshwater, and by the type of gear used, it is also used for float, spinning and other types of fishing. You can fish any fish, the catch of which is legal. Peaceful, non-predatory fish, catch on float or bottom fishing rod, and for catching predatory fish use spinning, trolling, twitching, sbirulino, etc.

Those who are only acquainted with the world of fishing, it is sometimes difficult to understand all these fishing terms and phrases. Beginners in fishing is useful to know that, for example, the method of fishing, when the nozzle moves from its cast the entire length of the gear, is called wiring. a sharp movement with the rod in the direction and over – hooking. A fishing tackle consisting of a metal plate with a three-pronged hook is calledspoon. When driving the spinner creates patches of light and thereby attracts fish. Wobbler  - tackle, reminiscent of spoon-bait, but when moving closer to the bottom than the bait.

Going fishing, it is important to properly prepare. If you are going to fish a certain fish, you should study its behavior, habitat. So, for example, is unlikely to catch carp or carp in the river, and pike in the lake. Some fish prefer to feed in the lower water layers closer to the bottom, while others literally jump above the surface to catch insects.

As bait for herbivores and polyhimnia fish you can use the bread crumb pearl barley, corn, worms, larvae of various insects, etc.  The choice of bait depends on the "taste preferences" of a particular type of fish. For catching predatory fish special tools are used, such as spoon-bait, wobblers, or small fish-zhivtsy.

Almost every experienced fisherman has his own secrets of choosing and preparing bait, baiting, bait. So, properly prepared bait allows you to attract a large number of fish to the fishing place, create a situation in which fish will fight for the bait and, as a consequence, gets on the hook. Experienced fishermen suggest: bait should be very small, easy to dissolve in water and excite fish “appetite”.

For the collection and storage of the catch is used as a conventional capacitance-type buckets, and a special fishing devices: cages, cook. Zadok represents the net bag, upper part of which is fixed to a peg driven into the shore, and the bottom is lowered into the water. With this method of storing caught fish as long as it remains alive, and therefore fresh. Cook  - the cord or chain on which the fish is to be worn (for this, a special hole should be made in the soft tissue of the mouth of the fish), it is also fixed with a loop on the peg, and the fish itself falls into the water.

People appreciate fishing a lot. someone - for the possibility of quiet solitude in nature, someone - for excitement fishing for spinning, someone - for the pleasure of eating freshly baked fish soup and own-caught fish. And even if you are a beginner in fishing and have not yet caught your first big pike or big-bellied handsome carp, then, for sure, the pleasure from the very process of fishing will be real.