Dry food for a long time already logged in the feeding of domestic animals. Owners of dogs and cats appreciate such feed – it is not necessary to cook porridge, to buy meat and bone, especially the cooking. Everything is simple – got package, put in a bowl. The question is – does this diet nutrients for growth and development of the pet if there is a difference compared to natural feeding? Today let's talk about it.

First of all, let's think about why an animal needs food. It is needed to develop energy for life. It is important to remember that the amount of energy a dog spends per day depends on its lifestyle. Therefore, an active dog that gets physical exercise every day needs to get more food or food with a higher calorie content than the dog that lies on the couch and goes for a walk for 5 minutes. A puppy needs more energy than an adult dog, a young dog - more than the old one.

The animal will remain in good shape only when it receives as much energy as it spends with food. Lack of energy, obtained with food, leads to exhaustion, weakening of immunity and diseases of the animal. Excess of the same nutrients leads to obesity. Therefore, it is important to know the measure here.

Dry food are divided in such a system. economy class (the most affordable, you can find in any supermarket), premium class and superpremium class. Unfortunately, using low grades of dry food (economy class), pets quickly want to eat again in a short time, so they have to be fed. If you use premium or super premium food, you do not need to add anything.

No one can deny that dry food is much cheaper than other types of food for animals. Its creators claim that it is useful for the health of Pets, since all the components in it is strictly balanced. Besides, the food allows to carry out prevention of diseases of the oral cavity of animals, to remove plaque and clean the teeth from Tartar.

This malaise leads to gingivitis, the appearance of unpleasant odor from the mouth, diseases of the periodontal tissues, the release of pus from the gums and the loss of teeth in animals. A dry food contributes to the cleaning of teeth and is an excellent prevention of the occurrence of dental diseases, so they are so popular among professional breeders and amateurs alike.

Another a great advantage of dry food is easy to transport. especially if you like to travel with your pet.

As for disadvantages of artificial feeding. then when you feed your dog with ready-made food, you create a new problem: the toxins and slags present in the "balanced" feeds in reality only increase the body's need for high-quality nutrients, vitamins and fatty acids that are needed to combat the toxic damage of the body. If they are not enough - which usually happens - your pet is expected to have serious health problems.

Dry food for low-grade dogs, as a rule, is poorly digested and has an increased level of fiber, which can lead to the development of urolithiasis. Substandard food and counterfeits may contain harmful chemicals (including all kinds of waste from slaughterhouses, food waste, inedible fillers, heavy metals, sugar, pesticides, herbicides, medicines, artificial colorants, synthetic flavoring agents and preservatives), and improper balance of substances. Also in the diet of the animal, in addition to dry food, it is not recommended to include other foods, even if the animal loves them.