There are so many styles of landscape design that some land owners just lost. Which one is the best fit for a given plot of land, in which case it will be easier to take care of the garden, there will be enough opportunities, knowledge and time to follow-up? For those who don't want unnecessary problems with the design of the garden. best country style

(the“country” in English means “village”).

This “rustic” style familiar to everyone of us since childhood – this grandmother's garden, a colorful garden, cherry and Apple trees with angry bees, flying from flower to flower, the sunflowers and hollyhocks near the house, a bench in the garden, fragrant the lilacs and Jasmine, Sunny green lawns – in short, everything that gives our soul a sense of joy and returns at some time in the carefree childhood. All this the beauty of country living and absorbed the style of the country.

This trend of landscape design is closest to most of our local growers. Hardly anyone will dare to bring on its plot of 6 acres an exquisite traditional English gardens with topiary hair, or to convey the mystery and the philosophy of Chinese style. But the country style fits 6-12 – matochnym “land” perfectly. Do not be afraid, in the garden of country style, you don't have to plow the garden from morning to night, as once on my grandmother's garden. The main purpose of the village garden to be a place of rest .

Its main advantage is simplicity. Using simple techniques and low-maintenance plants can be arranged in the garden a cozy place to stay. Garden country style does not require much cost and effort, it is easy to care for, comfortable and homey.
It is characterized the natural landscape. like a garden created by nature itself, without human intervention.

There should prevail a smooth, curving lines of paths and parterres.
As a covering in the garden-country use of natural or artificial stone, gravel, bark, shredded branches. Natural materials should be made small architectural forms, garden decoration, vases for flowers and garden furniture.

The garden in country style is beautiful at any time of year. and its impressive flowering from early spring to late autumn.
The spring in this blooming tulips and daffodils, later they are replaced by shrubs, among which – scented Jasmine and lilac.
  In the midst of the summer season, the garden landscape of the country is decorated with flowering hydrangeas and roses, and closer to autumn look great in the countryside flox garden.
Autumn, when nature begins to slowly stop and fall asleep, you will be able to enjoy carnations, asters, dahlias, poppies and nasturtiums bright.
Also for garden decoration in a rustic style beds and flower beds will find their place is unpretentious, beautiful lupins, sunflowers, mallow, amaranth, and cultivated wild plants – bluebells, yarrow, chamomile, ground, kosmeya.

In order to give the landscape a natural. you can arrange the garden in a small decorative pond. Options of garden ponds for country not so much. This may be a pond in the rustic style with rushy banks, or just too small vadimchik created from wooden troughs or tubs. Pond size is selected depending on the size of the plot. Put the reservoir in the usual kinds of water plants, reeds, cattail, umbrella susaki, Verbania. The area around the pond, you can arrange herbs in large clumps, party, ovsjanitsa, sedge.