Few of us follow the life of the garden, immersed in the twilight. Because, mostly, we watch his beauty in the time when he bathed in the rays of the sun. But when you consider that the day we are busy with their usual chores, always somewhere in a hurry and we are, as a rule, no place for quiet relaxation and enjoying the land then why not relax among the favorite plants of the night.

After all this time, you can forget about business meetings, negotiations, routine and plunge into a pleasant contemplation of the garden in the twilight. You can even create a garden, the true beauty of which will begin to take effect after sunset.

The rays of the setting sun completely change the landscape that is customary for the day. It is interesting to observe how the paints on the bushes and trees thicken, how slowly they turn black. Some tones of blue and blue colors can not be seen in the daytime - they seem purple (for example, in flax varieties of panicles), and only in the dim twilight can you catch all the shades of this beautiful color.

If you want to create such a garden. you first need to know which plants will live comfortably in such conditions, view logs and books on landscape design, or you can even visit the botanical garden and consult specialists.

When you start to choose plants for your garden. try to fix his attention on the plants with flowers of pale, pastel tones. White flowers and light shades of pink or yellow will be unique, glow at dusk and even in the dark. A lot of white and pastel-coloured flowers have a more intense flavor than brightly colored plants, and a strong smell they can produce only at night. For example, heady tobacco flavor you can feel only at dusk.

If you want to scent your garden at night was more intense. then place them near a wall, a gate or a trellis. Vertical landscaping will make the garden more voluminous and spread the smell throughout the territory.

In the night garden you can create a small pond – pond, cascade or fountain. In this small the surface of the water you will be able to watch the reflection of the moon and stars and the gentle murmur of water will create an atmosphere of peace and sense of balance. Evaporation of water increases the humidity, which only enhances the fragrance of flowers.

As we have said, white flowers look stunning in the dark – they have a special inner light. Besides, the choice of plants is quite wide among annual and perennial species.
Of annuals it can be tobacco, mattiola, rock alyssum, Petunia, begonia.
Perennial – anemone, asters, Phlox, bleeding heart – all of these types there are varieties with white flowers.
  The curling hydrangea and clematis hide behind the whiteness of their flowers the wall of the house, the gate or pergola. A similar effect is possessed by variegated plants - with light strips, specks or fringing - in the dark they look very exquisite.

What other plants can be used for night garden?   Fruit trees usually blossom white and gently pink. Moonlight, reflected in their inflorescences, will create a soft, pacifying picture. You can safely plant such shrubs as lilac, jasmine, spiraea, kalina, shrubby shrub, roses, hydrangeas, honeysuckle, cotoneaster - their flowers also have a white and pink tinge. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses, colchicum, hosts, dolphinums, astilbe, sweet peas, honeysuckle will certainly find a place in your garden and will be wonderful objects for observation in the dark.