A boutonniere is a small elegant arrangement of natural or artificial flowers, which adorn the lapel or breast pocket of a jacket, hairstyle or dress. Optional order boutonniere from a professional florist, if you have the time and desire, can try to make boutonniere with your own hands.

To make boutonniere with your own hands, you will need. flowers, plants or berries according to your taste; beads, ribbons or any other decorative elements; floristic wire; tap-tape; scissors.

Design a boutonniere design based on the upcoming event. The chosen flowers should blend well with each other and be in harmony with the outfit (costume or dress). On the materials for the buttonhole do not save, they should be quality. It is better to buy them so that you have a supply in case of failure.

The base for the buttonhole is one large flower (for example, a rose) or plants with long branches (sage, rosemary, lavender). Before you start making boutonniere, put the plants in the water for four hours - so your buttonhole will stay fresh for a longer time.

If you make a boutonniere from the flower, cut the stem diagonally almost “the roots” and gently pierce the top part of the flower wire, folded it in half. Trim the stems with special scissors better – so your boutonniere will live longer. To cut stem does not drip juice can dip it in melted wax or stearin. Wire tightly wrap teip-tape to the end. If you make a boutonniere based on plants, instead of flower gather a bunch of the long branches.

Having made a basis for your composition, supplement it with other, smaller plants. They should be located below the main plant. They should also be carefully tapped with tape tape. Note that on the one hand your boutonniere should be flat to fit snugly to the lapel of your jacket or your hair. The diameter of the finished boutonniere is 5-10 cm. You can wrap the flower arrangement with silk ribbon, decorate with beads, rhinestones or bows. A ready-made buttonhole attaches to an English pin, a hair clip, or you can simply sew it gently to your clothes.

For the boutonnieres need to use only fresh flowers and plants, then it will last you about a day and not wilt. If you made the buttonhole a little in advance, for example, in the evening, you can put it in the fridge.

Ready-made buttonhole can serve not only as an ornament, but also as an excellent gift for a loved one. She can decorate any room, decorate an already wrapped gift, and boutonniere are well suited for decorating a festive table.

Create a buttonhole with your own hands simply, if you connect your imagination and artistic taste.