Remained only a month before the New Year holidays. About so many things you need to take care, so much to think of! But if you know how to embroider, then you already have one less problem, because an excellent gift to family and friends will becross-stitch embroidery.

Foreign mistresses call Christmas cross stitch stitchmas. This combination of wordsChristmas  (Christmas) andcross-stitch  (cross-stitch). This term is gradually adopted and among our embroiderers - New Year's cross-stitch embroidery is becoming more popular.

If you decided to donate embroidery just before the holiday, New Year's cross-stitch embroidery of large format (at least 30x40) is unlikely to work for you, in fact, besides embroidery, you probably have other things to do. But it is not necessary to embroider large-scale paintings with a lot of details - it's enoughsmall cute embroidery. You can then paste it on the cardboard, and you will get a great Christmas card.

New Year's cross-stitch embroidery does not limit in any waychoosing a story. You can embroider a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, a Christmas wreath, a snowman, an angel, a candle, a charming teddy bear in the Santa Claus hat. It is quite possible to give your friends different embroideries so that the picture and the story never repeat. If you are aiming at very complicated embroideries, you can easily manage for a month or two, paying daily embroidery for a couple of hours.

New Year's embroidery cross is suitable not only for creating original gifts with your own hands. It is quite possibledecorate a festive  table embroidered with tablecloth, napkins or stand for various dishes. You can simply embroider the New Year ornament on the edge of the tablecloth and napkins, or you can decorate them with a drawing - the main thing is that they make up a single ensemble. If you are going to invite a lot of guests and want to avoid the turmoil with seating them at the table - embroider the name cards and put them near each appliance.

Christmas cross stitch is a great way to decorate gift for your child. Even the purchased item (scarf, hat, gloves, etc.) can be enlivened with a funny drawing embroidered with his own hands. If you give your child sweets or tangerines - you can put them in a sack made of fabric, decorated with New Year's embroidery. And in the West, New Year's cross-stitch embroidery is traditionally used for socks-bags for gifts that hang over the fireplace on Christmas Eve.

Than Christmas cross stitch is different from regular embroidery? First, as a basis you can use white or beige fabric, as usual, and more bright shades – bright red, bright blue, bright green, etc. a Holiday, after all! Secondly, ordinary floss are well combined thread-metallic  different colors and fluorescent threads. New-year cross-stitch embroidery will immediately become more elegant. It is good to decorate the finished embroidery with various ribbons, beads, beads. sequins, paillettes, etc.

Christmas cross-stitch should be bright and original. Therefore, monochromatic embroidery in this case are not suitable, on the contrary — the more colors, the better! The popular colors Christmas cross stitch is a green, red and gold.

If you can not come up with a story for embroidery or do not know what materials and tools will suit you, you can buy a ready-made set for embroidery. They are sold in any store selling goods for needlework. There you can also buy schemes for the New Year's cross-stitch. Many schemes can be downloaded for free on the Internet. The Country of Soviets offers you some simple samples andscheme Christmas cross stitch  - you have to choose the one that you prefer.

New Year's embroidery cross will help you create a beautiful and original gift or greeting card, decorate your house before the holidays, create a New Year atmosphere and please your family and friends!