The shabby chic style translates to English as “shabby chic” (shabby shic). This style cannot be attributed to a specific needlework technique. Today we will tell you about style in General and explain how to do decoupage in the style of shabby chic.

The shabby chic style is based on the idea of imitation of antiquity. Despite this, the style itself is quite young: he appeared in 80-ies of the last century. The author of the style shabby chic Rachel Ashwill. Having started decorating old furniture from flea markets for herself, she gradually began to sell her products, and the style of shebi chic became known all over the world.

Ideal shabby chic style  - an old cozy grandmother's house. It is characterized by light pastel colors and pastoral floral motifs. Geometric patterns are undesirable - except that hardly noticeable, washed out a strip or a cage. Style cheby chic is an abundance of cute details and accessories in the interior.

In the style shabby chic is very much appreciated vintage. If you do not have the opportunity to purchase vintage antique interior items, they can be aged artificially, which is what many needlewomen do with success. Style shabby chic characteristic of a variety of techniques of needlework, whether scrapbooking. patchwork or other kind of needlework.

But especially popular shabby chic style in this kind of crafts like decoupage. This is not surprising because decoupage technique allows to artificially age items. which is appreciated by lovers of shabby chic. Decoupage is used to decorate dishes, caskets, wall panels, mirrors and even furniture. The main thing - do not forget the basic rules of style cheby chic: lightness, romance and light touch of antiquity.

To make the subject in the style of shabby chic decoupage. you will need:

  • the object (box, jar, whatever)
  • PVA glue
  • multi-colored acrylic paint
  • paraffin wax (you can take the candle)
  • napkins for decoupage
  • gold glitter
  • patterned stencil
  • Matt varnish
  • fine-grained sandpaper
  • brushes for paint, glue and varnish
  • scissors for cutting out pattern

First of all, the subject should be decorated primed. You can prepare the mixture for the primer, mix PVA glue and white acrylic paint. The soil should dry completely, only then you can proceed to the next step decoupage.

After drying the soil can be applied the first layer of paint. It should be dark - this paint will then be seen through the worn parts, giving it a vintage appearance. However, we remember that the style of the cheby chic is light and light. Therefore, it is better if the paint is not black, but brown.

Progresiv product dark paint, wait until it dries and grate paraffin  those areas that should be the most shabby - paraffin facilitates the removal of the next layer of paint to create the effect of antiquity. If you decorate, for example, a casket, it is best to rub the corners with paraffin - there the scuffing will look most natural.

The product was then again covered with acrylic paint, now bright. Suitable, for example, beige, cream color or ivory. When the paint is dry, RUB the places that you smeared with paraffin, fine-grained sandpaper. The paint is easy they come, and the product instantly take “vintage” look .

You can now the application of the pattern. Cut out decoupage napkin patterns (flowers, angels, etc.), Some quilters prefer not to clip the fragments, and gently tear off the excess pieces of cloths around them to the edge of the pattern was less clear and more natural. Stick the pattern pieces on the box. Remember that the shabby chic style does not tolerate the congestion patterns, the product should not be too variegated.

Stick pattern can shade it gold glitter  and apply an additional golden pattern with the help of paints and stencil. Again, gold should not be too brilliant, but on the contrary - muffled and "old". If necessary, paint the inside of the decorated object with paint. The finished product is covered with several layers of matte varnish. The object in the style of a shebbie chic is ready!

The shabby chic style is especially suitable young romantic ladies. You can decorate the entire interior in the style of shabby chic, but even individual items, decorated with their own hands in the style of cheby chic, can decorate any room in the house.