Along with the chameleons are another popular exotic Pets is iguana. Iguanas included in the list of Convention on international trade in endangered species of wild flora and fauna threatened of extinction (CITES). Therefore, when purchasing them, be sure to require the salesman in the pet store a copy of the CITES permit.

Iguanas grow to 1.5-2 meters in length and can live up to 15-20 years. Iguanas are large lizards that feed on plant foods and live on trees. The waking period is daytime. In nature iguanas live in Central and South America.

Iguanas have a calm character, are quite accommodating - that's why they have become popular exotic pets. To keep iguanas at home, it takes a lot of money and effort, so before you start iguana, you need to think carefully.

The first thing you need to keep an iguana at home is the terrarium. It should be of a very decent size, because the animal must move freely along it. The terrarium should be equipped with a special lamp that will provide the necessary duration of a daylight, a heater to maintain the optimum temperature, a humidifier, a UV lamp.

In the terrarium, there must necessarily be a large snag or branch pointing upwards to the lamp. On such a branch the iguana will be able to crawl, choosing the optimal place for itself. Above, at the lamp itself, the iguana gets warm, and if it wants to cool down a little, it can go down lower. The temperature in the terrarium should vary from 25 to 35 ° C.

In the terrarium, there must also be a container with water occupying not less than 25% of the bottom area. From this capacity the iguana can drink and it also allows to maintain the minimum required level of humidity. At the bottom of the terrarium should put a special plastic mat, on it - a layer of paper napkins or towels (but not newspapers), and on top of the napkins should evenly spread out the oak bark plates.

Daily cleaning of the cage is reduced to the replacement of tissue and wash in hot water oak plates. Wash with soap and water and a drinking bowl, "the pool" in the cage twice a week and once a month you need to clean and disinfect the entire terrarium.

The iguana itself should also be regularly bathed in warm water. Bathing is useful for iguana, because during swimming, the iguana is actively moving, moulting is easier and faster, the skin of the iguana gets the necessary moisture. To bathe an iguana it is possible in a usual bath, having placed there preliminary a subject on which the iguana at will can get out of water. The temperature of the bathing water is 30-35 ° C.

In nature iguanas eat plant food. There are also cases when iguanas ate insects, small rodents, carrion. However, at home, it is better not to conduct food experiments and feed the iguana only with plant foods. In the diet of iguanas, it is also desirable to include vitamin-mineral supplements.

Specialists recommend making a diverse menu for iguanas, 80-90% of which consists of greens and vegetables such as cabbage, beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, dandelion leaves, parsnips, alfalfa, lettuce, etc. The teeth of the iguana are not intended for biting and chewing food, so it should be given a crushed food, for example, on a conventional grater.

You can teach iguanas to take food from hands or give her food in a special trough. To feed the iguanas, particularly young people, should be daily, better in the first half of the day (11-12 hours). Evening feeding may harm the digestive system of the iguana. Uneaten food must be thrown out.

Tamed iguanas willingly allow themselves to iron, sit on the owner's shoulder, take food from his hands. However, to achieve this, it is necessary to make efforts, because at first the iguana can be very afraid of a person and unfamiliar situation. Iguana can not be beat, scream at her. Talk with her in a calm, even voice, avoiding sudden movements.

Iguanas can bite and spank the owner with their tail, if they are dissatisfied with something. Bites of adults can be quite painful. Therefore, it is better not to take an aggressive iguana in hands, and to communicate with young individuals use leather gloves.