Closer and closer 2011 — the year of the Rabbit (Cat ). Christmas crafts Rabbit. hand made, can be very useful! Especially that rabbit with their hands can make out of scrap materials such as old gloves.

Christmas crafts Rabbit gloves

You probably have a home there old knitted gloves without pairs that is not going to wear, but throw them a pity. Such gloves can be made wonderful soft rabbits{!LANG-fbebea40af60b075eb0a02f79678cc59!}

  • two old knitted gloves
  • threads and a needle
  • material for gasket
  • materials for decoration (beads, beads, ribbons, etc.)






Funny Bunny can be made of ordinary Terry towels{!LANG-a5f6ab83f2698f62192c0235aa801eab!}




Hack Rabbit from cotton pads

Rabbit from cosmetic cotton pads{!LANG-f6bf7ee2b288075a475bc66264319daf!}

  • colored paper in A5 format for base
  • {!LANG-75cd16b2d9264ad5418cf2612fb6d2e9!}
  • cosmetic cotton pads
  • scissors
  • PVA glue

First, cut out from a cotton pad details for future applications. You will need 2 ears, 2 front legs, 2 rear, 2 cheeks and head. For the body of the rabbit put a cotton ball, and head diameter should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the trunk. From colored paper cut out the eyes (separately, the blue iris and the black pupil) and carrots.