Closer and closer 2011 is the year of the Rabbit (Cat).Christmas Rabbit. made by their own hands, will come in handy! Moreover, you can make a rabbit yourself from improvised materials - for example, from old gloves.

New Year's handmade Rabbit made of gloves

For sure at home you will find old knitted gloves without a pair, which you can not wear, but you can not throw them out. Of these gloves, you can sewwonderful soft rabbits. To do this you will need:

  • two old knitted gloves
  • thread and needle
  • stuffing material
  • materials for decoration (beads, beads, ribbons, etc.)

Take two gloves. At one glove cut off fingers, and the second cut in half (the cut line is shown in figures). Arrange the details of the future rabbit: the trunk will serve half of the cut glove (fingers instead of the ears), and from the cut fingers of the second glove make the front legs.

Sew the sides of the trunk of the rabbit (paws until it is sewn) and stuff it. You can use for this purpose cotton wool, sintepon or finely chopped cloth shreds. If you stuff a rabbit with dried aromatic herbs, you will get a rabbit-sachet. If you want to get a rabbit with standing ears - fill them completely. If one or both ears are filled to half - they will hang.

To make a sitting rabbit, sew the bottom of the glove above the cuff and give the volume to the rabbit's pope. If you need a standing rabbit, tuck the cuff and gently suture the bottom with a round flap; You can roll a tight roller from the remainders and just tuck it. Paws, too, nabeyte and sew to the body.

Make your rabbit eyes and a spout - they can be simply sewed with threads, or you can use beads, beads or buttons. You can tie a rabbit around the neck of a rabbit from a piece of ribbon. New Year's work The rabbit from gloves is ready!

A New Rabbit from a towel

Funny rabbit can be made from the ordinaryterry towel   or tissue wipes. It will take you no more than 15 minutes, and the result will be quite interesting. For this craft, you will need:

It is best to use for this crafts a square terry towel - then the rabbit will turn out to be fluffy. Do not forget that 2011 is the year of the White Rabbit, so it's best to use a white towel to make the craft.

First you need to make a rabbit body. To do this, take a towel and twist it into a tourniquet (as when manually unscrewing the laundry). Fold the harness in half - you will get a figure that looks like a horseshoe. The resulting figure fold in half again and tie a ribbon at some distance from the fold. Raise the ends of the towel upwards and straighten - the ears of the rabbit should turn out.

Sew on the "muzzle" rabbit eyes and a nose made of beads or other materials at hand. How a ready-made rabbit should look like, you can see in the photo.

Handmade Rabbit made of cotton wool

Rabbit fromcosmetic cotton balls   is done in the technique of application. Even a three-year-old child can make such a craft! And there is nothing for her:

  • a5 colored paper for base
  • colored paper for carrots, nose and eyes
  • cosmetic cotton pads
  • scissors
  • pVA glue

First, cut out the details for future appli- cations from the cotton pads. You will need 2 ears, 2 front paws, 2 back, 2 cheeks and head. For the rabbit's body lay a whole cotton disc, and the diameter of the head should be slightly less than the diameter of the trunk. From the colored paper, cut out the eyes (separately the blue iris and the black pupil) and the carrot.

Glue large parts from the cotton discs to the base sheet. First glued head, then - ears, cheeks, trunk and paws. The thinner the paper taken for the substrate, the less glue it takes to take. If the glue is too much, the paper will get wet and will crumble when it dries.

Let the appliqués dry and glue your eyes, nose and carrots. If you are uncomfortable to cut too small pupils of colored paper, you can draw them or make them out of plasticine. The application is ready!