If the New year you are planning to organize a costume party, you can not do without a carnival mask. Of course, you can buy it in a specialty store, but new year's mask with his own hands — it's not as difficult as you might think!

The easiest new year's mask with his own hands made in the form of a half mask{!LANG-6cf61f515beb54250a67884b526ec14f!}

To begin, draw on the cardboard the mask pattern{!LANG-2ccd58a9e684c97ddc7257028ceb54fe!}

As {!LANG-4afdc0b185ac78e1a5ab6678a6039f29!}{!LANG-dd75398c4d1f105bea4fe98a5907bd75!}

The same principle can be done carnival mask made of fabric{!LANG-455b3a0187574bba8c71efc8d3bba650!}

{!LANG-b41d10d5ef6046b24e9699208f3c4eb0!}{!LANG-f3974add08d5b95366b014b3f55e51f7!}. For example, if you lift the corners of the mask and the bridge of the nose to lengthen and sharpen in the form of a beak, get owl — if you decorate the Christmas mask accordingly by drawing or gluing feathers. From this template will Christmas Bunny mask, which is known to be a symbol of the coming year. Just need to transform the pattern so that the mask covered the forehead, and sticking to her two ears.

There are several ways to fasten the head carnival mask. If is quite heavy, you will need {!LANG-d560ee52a623f9ddd37ee9b918530dd2!}{!LANG-4ba21d97989f5668d034e35caa587cc7!}

If the mask is easy enough, you can secure it with a slim gum{!LANG-e577af4357241c3860cfd4a0dccb7c67!}

A paper mask can be secured with the strips of cardboard. For this you need to cut two cardboard strips (the width of the stripes is about 3 cm). Fold the ends of the strips, departing approximately 2 cm, and stick inside both sides of the mask. Apply the mask to the face and wrap the strips around your head to determine the desired length. Secure the strips with a paperclip, remove your mask and glue the mount.

Sometimes the mask with one hand attached wand{!LANG-d69fc89c473602cdf154a8552743bfca!}

New year's mask with his own hands easy to manufacture{!LANG-0a82a3599c73a594fd4daed8f77bad34!}