If the New year you are planning to organize a costume party, you can not do without a carnival mask. Of course, you can buy it in a specialty store, but new year's mask with his own hands — it's not as difficult as you might think!

The easiest new year's mask with his own hands made in the form of a half mask   and is decorated in any way - as your fantasy tells you. To make such a mask you will need thin cardboard, materials for decoration (paints, crystals, glitter, feathers, glitter, tinsel, etc.), glue and thin ribbons for strings.

To begin, draw on the cardboard the mask pattern   and cut it out. You can enlarge the template we offer (it's convenient to do this, redrawing it by cells), you can draw your own by changing the shape of the mask the way you want. If you are afraid that the mask will be asymmetrical, draw half the template on the bent sheet, cut out, and bend the bend point. Cutting the base, you can begin to decorate the mask.

As decorate the mask   - depends only on you. You can paint it with paints, glue it with a thin cloth or feathers, decorate it with tulle, lace, appliqué or corrugated paper. Just remember that the fabric, paper applications and feathers are most conveniently glued to PVA glue, and rhinestones, beads, etc. - with hot glue gun. If you make a mask with the child, you should perform all manipulations with the glue gun yourself - the child can get burned!

The same principle can be done carnival mask made of fabric. In this case, the template for the mask is removed from the self-adhesive non-woven. The non-woven base is applied by the adhesive side to the underside of the ironed fabric, from which you want to make a mask. So that the fabric does not stick to the fabric, strip it through the cheesecloth with a hot iron. Cut out the mask, cut it with rhinestones, paillettes, beads, etc. sew ribbons for tying.

By slightly changing the shape of the template, you can make a New Year's maskalmost any animal. For example, if you lift the corners of the mask and the bridge of the nose to lengthen and sharpen in the form of a beak, get owl — if you decorate the Christmas mask accordingly by drawing or gluing feathers. From this template will Christmas Bunny mask, which is known to be a symbol of the coming year. Just need to transform the pattern so that the mask covered the forehead, and sticking to her two ears.

There are several ways to fasten the head carnival mask. If is quite heavy, you will need loose linen or hats. At the eye level holes are cut and strengthened by circles of thick paper from the inside. In them an elastic band is inserted (its length depends on the size of the head). Wearing a mask simply tie an elastic band. Such ties are suitable for papier-mache masks. the process of creation of which we have already described.

If the mask is easy enough, you can secure it with a slim gum. To do this, make two shallow incisions on each side of the mask. Circle a piece of mask between the incisions with a thin band and fix it with adhesive tape from the inside. The second end of the rubber band is exactly the same fasten on the other side. The length of the eraser should be such that the mask is easily worn, but it does not fall down.

A paper mask can be secured with the strips of cardboard. For this you need to cut two cardboard strips (the width of the stripes is about 3 cm). Fold the ends of the strips, departing approximately 2 cm, and stick inside both sides of the mask. Apply the mask to the face and wrap the strips around your head to determine the desired length. Secure the strips with a paperclip, remove your mask and glue the mount.

Sometimes the mask with one hand attached wand   wood or other suitable material. Such a mask should not be worn, but kept in the face for a wand, like in old costume balls.

New year's mask with his own hands easy to manufacture   and will suit almost any costume - the main thing is to show imagination!