One of the most popular Hobbies around the world is certainly collecting coins. It is often mistakenly called numismatics, but this title is not quite correct. What exactly is different collecting coins from numismatics? This will tell the country of the Soviets.


But not all collectors can be called simple gatherers. Often people involved in coin collecting, interested in numismatics, because most collectors are trying to learn more about the objects that make up their collection of whatever they collect. True collecting is not mindless collecting different items. It broadens the mind of man{!LANG-086ab59247f682237db877c4004edc92!}

The line between numismatics and coin collecting to have a very hard. Collecting coins (numismatic collecting{!LANG-49411abe948ea7c986a99825286bf112!}

Often the coin collecting starts with small, seemingly purchase. For example, guests from abroad, each bringing a gift of unusual local coin. Or a handful of little things, which gave delivery to the store, suddenly there is an old Soviet coin. Such findings can prompt interest in collecting coins{!LANG-59e7325ce7e4a2e4f98a0e9232a3b077!}

Usually the newly minted collectors include a collection of all gets them coins indiscriminately, but in most cases, over time, collecting coins becomes more orderly, more narrowly specialized. For example, a collector might decide to focus on coins of a particular historical era or topic, minted in a particular country/countries or unusual coins{!LANG-8acd0284be01ff8aa0be3cebdaf0215c!}

A significant part of the collection often consists of coins issued in small editions and is centered around a specific event (collectible coins ). Usually such coins are released by the state or private banks, they are minted mainly from precious metals (gold, silver, palladium).

For collection coins include commemorative coins and commemorative coins. {!LANG-78db4c105ab336c37cd10ca3b137c020!} released into circulation to commemorate a specific event. Among other coins, these include {!LANG-e11f4112b2e0d25744c0b16f80b8d72c!}. minted from the metal of the first alluvial gold in the river or just open pit. Another type commemorative coins — gift coins. They were not released into circulation, and gave to various people in memory of some event or as a reward. Commemorative coins{!LANG-d2029da830542d467aa284c1f0c7b260!}

Coin collecting as a hobby has only one drawback — it requires significant cash outlay{!LANG-d64cea19b6f453333e7428a7ddf8e219!}

First, the high cost of this hobby can not be felt, because the initial collection is usually collected from the coins received from friends and acquaintances. Then the collector "grows" and starts to exchange coins with other collectors — but such "barter" also does not represent the true value of coins. But sooner or later there comes a time when the correct coin you can only buy, and often for big money. There was even a professional merchants of coins{!LANG-9223977d38893316d9dab85e66e31d5b!}

And yet, despite its high prices, collecting coins is a fascinating and interesting hobby that brings moral satisfaction and expand their horizons. The only thing we can advise is carefully weigh all the "pros" and "cons" when buying rare or vintage coins{!LANG-8ae4bcd26f30176caa140e2203dfb04a!}