April 24, 2011 Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter — the Resurrection of Christ. On this day people give each other painted eggs. An original alternative to the usual Easter eggs and krashankas — Easter eggs bead.

Easter egg bead is a very beautiful and unusual souvenir. With proper skill to make them not so difficult, and the result is impressive. Due to the variety of colors of beads and patterns can make a huge number of eggs of beads — and none of them is like another !

There two common ways to do Easter eggs beaded. more simple and more complex. A simple way is to glue an egg with a thread with beads strung on it. A more complicated way is to literally whip the egg with beads, making for him a kind of beaded "cover".

To make Easter eggs, covered with beads, you will need :

  • boiled eggs or the workpiece in the form of eggs
  • round beads of different sizes and colors
  • durable thread
  • needle
  • optional — paint and ribbon (for decoration)

It is best to use as the basis for not using real eggs, wooden or plastic "blanks". First you need thread the beads onto the thread   using a needle and secure it to the ends with glue. It is possible (and necessary) to alternate different colors and sizes of beads, so that the pattern will turn out.

After that thread with beads glued on the egg. To do this, the egg needs to be greased with glue and gently wrap the thread on it with a spiral, carefully pressing the beads so that it sticks to the egg. It is very important to carefully watch that the beads are stuck well, otherwise the pattern will not work.

When the glue dries, you can further decorate with colored bead egg ribbons. If you want to decorate the egg complex pattern with a surround effect pattern. before to stick to the egg beads, you need to apply on the workpiece drawing using paint. When paint is dry, you can wind thread with beads (in this case, the beads should be transparent, and instead of a filament, which can Shine, is better to take a transparent line).

If this technique seems too simple, can to braid boiled eggs or pieces of wood openwork mesh beaded. The principle of weaving in this case is one, and the variety is achieved through various techniques and patterns.

First woven "belt". in width it is equal to the middle part of the egg (without the top and base). When the belt is ready, it needs to be closed, sewed into a ring and put on an egg. Then, on the egg, the upper and lower parts are intertwined.

As example two schemes of weaving Easter egg bead .

Most often when making beaded eggs used the technique of weaving mesh. How is the mesh you can see in figure 1. When you depleting the top and bottom of the egg, you will need to weave in the direction from the center of the egg to its poles, it should reduce the number of beads in each circle to mesh were tightly wrapped around the egg.

You may be more comfortable for the second scheme. Weaving principle is the same: first there is a belt in the technique grid, the size of grid cells — three for three beads. Belt height — about half the height of the eggs. When the belt will be positioned close to the egg at high tension, the butt stitch the first and last row of the rim (A) and put it on the egg. The top and bottom of the eggs trailing in the technique of "mosaic"   (B) in a circle with a gradual decrease in the number of beads.

In General, to make Easter egg bead is not so difficult. The main thing - to show imagination. so that your souvenir was not like any other!