Gippeastrum and Amaryllis are very beautiful and popular indoor plants. They look very similar, so they are often confused with each other, calling there's the Amaryllis. How to distinguish Amaryllis from Hippeastrum? Read the Country of the Soviets!

Amaryllis and there's a really "family" they belong to the same family — amaryllidaceae. But the Amaryllis belongs to the the genus Amaryllis. which is represented by only one species — the beautiful Amaryllis (Amaryllis belladonna), and there — the genus gippeastrum. numbering about 80 species. Homeland thermophilic amaryllis - South Africa, and hippeastrum came to us from South America.

And Amaryllis, and there — bulbous plants. At first glance they are very similar. long stalk, beautiful large flowers, bright green linear-lingual leaves. But if you look closely, it's quite easy to distinguish between hippeastrum and amaryllis.

One of the main differences Hippeastrum and Amaryllis is a flower stalk (stem). In amaryllis it is not hollow, has a crimson hue, the height of the peduncle is up to 96 cm. In hippeastrum, it is shorter, up to 90 cm, hollow, has a cylindrical shape. The stem color of the hippeastrum is usually green, but may have a brown, gray or purple hue.

Have gippeastrum the flowers are larger than the Amaryllis, but the number of flowers in the inflorescence  less - 2-4 flowers versus 6-12 in the amaryllis. Although some varieties of hippeastrum may have more - 8, 9 and even 15. Amaryllis flowers exude a strong pleasant aroma, and hippeastrum has a faint smell or does not smell at all.

Amaryllis flowers are painted in different shades of pink - from light-pink to pink, almost white, to dark, saturated pink, more like red.In hippeastrum, the "assortment" of colors is wider:  depending on the variety there are red, pink, yellow, orange, white, cream, green gippeastrum. There are two-colored, striped, mottled flowers, flowers with veins.

Amaryllis flowers have funnel shape. the average size is 9-13 cm Hippeastrum found Terry, dlinnotrubchatye, orchideaceae shape of flowers. and their size varies from 5 to 22 cm. Both in the amaryllis and in the hippeastrum, the flower consists of six petals, but if they are similar in shape and size to the amaryllis, then hippeastrum is not necessary.

Can be distinguished there from Amaryllis and at flowering time. Amaryllis blooms at the end of summer or in autumn, once a year. The time of flowering of the hippeastrum depends on the time of distillation: in the early forcing of hippeastrum color in the fall, late - in winter and in spring. Some hippeastrums bloom more than once a year, and two, the second time - usually in the summer.

But these differences relate only to adult flowering plants. What if you want to grow Amaryllis or there in a pot, but I'm afraid that you sell those bulbs? In principle, Hippeastrum bulbs and Amaryllis can be distinguished from each other in appearance. In amaryllis, the bulbs are large enough (12 cm or more) and have a pear-shaped shape. In hippeastrum, they are smaller (7-9 cm), they have a symmetrical shape, they can be rounded, slightly elongated or rounded-conical.

However, despite the differences, the bulbs of these two plants is quite easy to confuse. Therefore, the best way — buy bulbs in specialized stores. Planting material must be in original manufacturer's packaging. You can also take a subsidiary of the bulb of the adult plants — how to distinguish an adult from head to toe from Hippeastrum, you already know.

There more common and better grows and blooms indoors. Amaryllis has to be heavier, because in our hemisphere, his biological cycle is broken. In natural conditions, the amaryllis blooms in the spring, during the rainy season, then vegetates, and when the heat and drought come, there is a period of rest. We have the same amaryllis blooms in autumn, which falls on the African spring. And when there comes a period of growth, he does not have enough light - because we have winter at this time.

*the photo on the left shows the Amaryllis, on the right photo there