Cyclamen – the plant is very unusual. 8-9 months a year it stays in “sleeping” state, completely dropping the flowers and leaves. And only 3 months in it starts to boil life.

As a rule, of the 60 existing species of cyclamen, at room conditions grown only 2 species. This cyclamen is Persian and cyclamen is European. Cyclamen Persian blooms in winter, in summer it has a rest period. Therefore, at this time, when everything is gray and pale, it will give you a real holiday, blossoming with bright, colorful inflorescences. Cyclamen European on the contrary - in the winter rests, and blossoms in the summer.

The flowers of these plants are pointed, curved back. The colors can be the most diverse: white, all shades of pink and red, purple, there are hybrids with terry petals. Dark green leaves are located on long petioles and have a decorative grayish-silver pattern.

Flowering lasts quite a long time. The Persian variety, depending on conditions, it blooms from late October to late March.
  It is best to buy cyclamen in autumn, at the beginning of flowering. It is desirable that the plant has a sufficiently large number of buds. Pay attention also to the leaves of the plant and the tuber. Leaves should not be damaged, sluggish and withered around the edges, and the tuber - wrinkled and rotten.

There is a perception that the cyclamen – quite capricious and require special care plant. But this is not true. Of course, the efforts for its growth and development is necessary to put, but not any supernatural. It's pretty simple, if you follow the established rules .

A common mistake with flower growers is the complete instillation of a tuber plant. Cyclamen does not like it. It feels better when one-third of the tuber is above the surface of the soil. And yet, these plants prefer small pots. In large they do not bloom, and sometimes the tubers may begin to rot.

Cyclamen of all kinds love the cool space. Ideal for them is a temperature of +17 C. At higher temperatures, the flowering period is drastically reduced.

Flowering plants need bright room. bright diffused light. When the plant fades, it must be moved to a shaded, cool place.

The plant in the period of active development and good flowering requires regular watering. To water carefully so that water does not enter the middle of the rhizome, at the base of leaves and on buds. You can pour water into the edge of the pot, and even better to immerse the pot in water. Excess moisture can lead to rotting of the tuber and destruction of cyclamen – so don't overdo it. In the winter rest period of plants, watering is reduced, the main thing – that the earth com much not dry.
  It is recommended to use soft water for irrigation. To boil it is not necessary, it is enough to defend it.
From time to time the air around the pot is desirable to spray or put a pot in wet moss.

Transplanted cyclamen it is recommended that after a period of rest and before flowering. When transplanting the soil is replaced completely. For this purpose the following mixture: 2 parts leaf, loam, and peat, 1 part sand. Grafting plant, place it on a cool windowsill, pour and feed.
  If for some reason you can not transplant your cyclamen into a new land, then the top layer, in any case, needs to be replaced, leaving the top of the tuber on the surface.

During the period of growth of leaves before flowering plants every 2 weeks, fed complete mineral fertilizer. During flowering, the amount of fertilizer applied should be reduced.