It turns out that you can paint not only colors and pencils, and ... sand! Absolutely fascinating spectacle gathers the audience, causing a storm of positive emotions and admiration. The land of the Soviets tell you how to do it yourself is fabulous show – drawing with sand on glass.

Drawing sand on the glass (sand animation) - this is a style of visual art, which uses loose materials to create an image. The discoverer of this technique is the Canadian film-animator Carolyn Leaf.

It's drawing with sand on glass "live"  - the artist replaces the plot and the details of the image with one hand movement. Indeed, a handful of sand develops a fantastically beautiful plot in a matter of seconds. Sand paintings are beautiful, voluminous and ... fleeting.

This newfangled kind of fine art is in great demand at presentations, exhibitions, conferences. All the actions of the artist are displayed on the big screen, and not a single second of this magnificent creative process escapes the eyes of spectators. Drawing sand on the glass is usually accompanied by music.

To master this interesting form of art, it is not necessary to buy expensive materials and fixtures. For the construction of the desired design you need.

  • the box with a low side,
  • sifted clean sand,
  • the light source (lamp),
  • glass.

If pure sand is out of reach, you can take semolina, salt or ground coffee. It will be very cool if you find colored sand in special stores for hobbies and creativity.

  • cut in the bottom of the box big window
  • close it with glass (or plexiglass)
  • on top of the glass put a white sheet of paper with the appropriate size. Secure it with duct tape or masking tape
  • put a box with glass on stands
  • the bottom (under the table) place the light source
  • fill in the box some sand, wait for dark and start to animation work.

The most surprising thing is that to be engaged in drawing sand on the glasscan even small children. By the way, this activity is perfect for developing fine motor skills, which is very positive impact on the development of speech and thinking. You should add another storm of joyful emotions, which gives the world of free creativity.

Drawing sand on the glass contributes to the development of sensory sensations, liberates, harmonizes. Through the manipulation of bulk materials, a person gets rid of negative emotions acquired as a result of stress or fatigue, and receives an incredible aesthetic pleasure.

And most importantly, drawing with sand on glass can last forever!