Homemade bijouterie is gaining popularity - not so much because of its cheapness (it does not always turn out cheap), but because of its exclusivity. For example, if you dobrooch with your own hands. you can be sure that none such will be no more.

The brooch consists of two parts. a decorative element and fasteners. Fasteners-bases for brooches can be purchased in the shops of accessories for jewelry. They come in different forms, for example, pins to which the brooch needs to be sewn, or the pads on which the brooch sticks. The choice of the basis depends on which brooch you want to make.

To make a brooch with your own hands from almost all materials. with which you can work: fabrics, ribbons, laces, beads, polymer clay (plastics), etc. Just make a flower from beads or from a fabric and sew to it a fastener-pin. And you can make a brooch in the technique of dry felting.

We offer you a few ideas on making homemade jewelry. For example, you can make a brooch with your own hands in the form of a flower   from chiffon or any other thin fabric. To do this you will need:

  • synthetic chiffon
  • beads
  • needle
  • thread matching fabric
  • lighter or matches
  • scissors
  • clasp-pin

To begin cut out chiffon circles of different diameter with a pitch of, for example, 5 mm (that is, the diameter of each subsequent circle is 5 mm longer than the previous one). Then you need to carefully singe each circle on the perimeter with a lighter or matches. So the cloth will not crumble and a little screwed. Note that for the manufacture of this brooch should be taken only synthetic fabric   - natural will not melt, but will burn.

Then fold the circles into each other like nesting dolls, bottom — the big top is the smallest. In the middle of the flower gently sew the beads, threading through all the layers of the flower to fasten the brooch. On the reverse side of the brooch sew basis. Ready!

You can still make a brooch with your own hands lace   - this is also quite simple. For this you need to take:

  • dense fabric
  • lace
  • the needle and thread
  • beautiful button
  • the clasp is a pin for a brooch

Cut out fabric circle — it will be the basis for future brooches. Lace cut a narrow strip and sew the edge (you can just take the finished lace tape). Gently pull the lace and thread to make a sort of flower, and sew it to the base in a circle. Sew on the reverse side of the brooch clasp and the front is a button, it will stand in the middle and hide the stitches from the zipper.

And you can make a funny brooch yourselfof colored felt. For the manufacture of felt boots you will need:

  • felt of different colors
  • pencil or marker
  • thick paper or thin cardboard
  • scissors
  • the needle and thread (e.g., sewing)
  • beading, sequins, beads, buttons and other decorations
  • glue gun
  • basis for brooches

In this case, option mass. For a start, imagine how it will look your future brooch, and draw a template   on paper or cardboard. If the brooch will consist of several elements, you need to draw each element separately. Cut out the patterns, put them on the felt, circle and cut out the elements for the brooch from the felt.

You can now decoration brooch. Here you are limited only by materials and your imagination. One of the simplest options is to cut the heart out of felt and glue it or decorate it with paillettes. You can cut out several flowers of different size and color, and then sew or glue the same way as in the case of a chiffon flower. And then on the resulting flower, sew beads, beads, etc.

Another idea is to cut out a circle base out of felt and sew it to a lot of small decorative items from felt in contrasting colors (flowers, leaves, butterflies, etc.). In this case, you must first to lay out the composition based on, attaching it with pins or Primeau, and then start to sew. And you can just cut out of felt funny animals with eyes of beads.

A ready-made brooch of felt should be glued to the base-pad or sewed to the pin (only make sure thatthe stitches were not visible on the front side ).

As you can see, to make a brooch with your own hands is very simple, the main thing — to show imagination. If you have any ideas, you can share them with other needlewomen in the comments to this article.