Computer games are a popular hobby. Someone more like "action", someone "shooting", some people prefer a puzzling quests and some content to solitaire. But there are some games, which heard almost everything. One of these games Diablo III.

After the stunning success of Diablo II by Blizzard Entertainment it became clear that without continuing not to do. For over a decade fans have been waiting for, when finally will be back in the world of sanctuary and keep fighting with the forces of the Underworld. And, it seems, the wait is not too long. After all Blizzard announced the beginning of beta testing of the game .

The main difference of the game Diablo III from the previous section is a three — dimensional graphics. which is based on a new engine. It was specifically designed for Blizzard projects. Radical changes in the gameplay is not foreseen, new solutions in the interface will mainly be aimed at facilitating the management, so that the player can fully concentrate on the game process. The developers have focused on the team game and the plot.

The plot of the third part of the game  unfolds twenty years after the events described in the Lord of Destruction, an addition to the previous part of the game. As in the previous section, history is divided into actions. Each action will be led by its own city with unique tasks and characters.

At the moment it is known thatin the game Diablo III will feature five character classes. Wizard (Sorcerer), Sorcerer (Shaman), Demon Hunter, Barbarian and Monk. Each of them has its own history, unique skills, strengths and weaknesses. Pleasant bonus - the ability to choose the gender of the character (in previous parts it was clearly fixed, for example, Assassin could only be female, and Necromancer - only male).

Will be introduced new monsters (normal, unique, mini-bosses and bosses Assembly), as well as new NPCs  (NPC). But in Diablo III it will be possible to meet with well-known characters, for example, Deckard Cain (it seems that Diablo players will never be able to get rid of him) and Asheara.

But the emphasis, as already mentioned, the developers of Diablo III will do to the team. That's why platform used for multiplayer game was radically altered. to give players new opportunities. But the single player mode will not go anywhere.

Diablo III: beta testing

At the moment the game is under closed beta testing. Invitations to participate in testing were sent to players from among those who have an account on, and who in their account settings expressed their desire to participate in beta testing.

Players were chosen based on the configuration of their PC and other factors (including luck). The aim of the developers was including to test as many configurations and to select the optimal system requirements (by the way, promised that in Diablo III they will not be exorbitant, and gamers will not have to hastily upgrade the hardware).

The first wave of beta testers have already received their invites, but Blizzard is planning to bring to test more players. including in the course of various actions on the sites of the developer and official fan sites (drawings and distribution of beta keys). The number of beta testers will depend on the situation.

During the beta testing Diablo III players will be able go through the first part of the game and fight with the boss  - The king-skeleton. All character classes will be available for the game. Players will be able to meet new and old NPCs, learn more about the abilities of heroes and the process of making things. In addition, in Diablo III there should be an auction of items, it can also be tested. But the PvP-arenas for fighting between players are not yet available. The beta version is only available in English, although Diablo III will have a multilingual interface.

And fans of the game who have not managed to become a beta tester remains to wait for the testing and release of the final version of the game. The main thing is that this happens earlier than the announced end of the world in 2012.