Someone likes quiet Hobbies (reading, crafts, raising house plants), but for someone the main criterion when choosing a hobby, it is extreme. Today we talk about Hobbies, designed for lovers of adrenaline. Under the gun, land of the Soviets — jetski (cars on rails).

In General, jet ski (jet  ) - this is a rare example of technology, which was originally invented exactly as sports, and only then it was used as entertainment for tourists. The world's first jet ski was launched by Bombardier, the "parent" of the snowmobile, in 1968. In fact, originally planned to create self-propelled water skis, and a whole water motorcycle turned out.

After about 15 years, in the 80-ies, in the United States originated with the sport of as cars on rails  - aquabike. In Russia, aquabike came almost twenty years later, the first cups and championships began in the late 90's, and the first national championship was held in 2000, two years later, the first Cup of Russia took place.

International water-motor Union (Union Internationale Motonautique, UIN) and International Association powerboat  (International Jet Sports Boating Association, IJSBA) supervise aquabike at the world level. Each year, these organizations hold championships of different countries (Great Britain, France, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, Guam), the European Championships, as well as the Pro Watercross Tour - professional tour on motocross in the water - and the international tournament "The Royal Cup".

Since 1996, the UIM is organizing world Championships aquabike in three classes. Classes include:

  • kind of jet ski (sitting or standing)
  • the presence of forces
  • engine size etc.

Competitions aquabike include three main discipline.

  • race (athletes competing in the race on speed with a common start)
  • slalom (it is a speed with a challenging distance, the participants are but it turns several times)
  • freestyle (figure skating jet).

For slalom and freestyle are commonly used stand-up jet ski. They have greater mobility than sedentary, and better adapted for steep turns and tricks. But they are also less stable and require the athlete of certain skills. And sedentary watercraft  allow to develop a high speed, so it is better for racing.

How safe jetski. Of course, like any other extreme sport, jet ski simply can not be absolutely safe. But certain design features of the jet reduces the chance of an accident in the fall. So, the driving force of the watercraft is a jet, not a propeller. Since the propeller is located inside the tube of the cannon, in the fall there is no risk to lose a limb. In addition, the wrist of the athlete are connected by a special harness with connector plugs. If the athlete falls from the watercraft, the machine stops immediately.

The jetski will be even safer if carefully follow the safety rules. So, it should be remembered that the hydrocycle does not have a brake, therefore, according to the instruction it is forbidden to stop it with the help of the reverse. Well, do not forget about the protective equipment - a life jacket and goggles.

In General, before participation in competitions hydrocyclic must undergo training that lasts three months and pass a special exam. Jetski requires considerable skill and experience of the athlete. especially when it comes to slalom or freestyle.

And please note that jetski hobby is not cheap. A good hydrocycle can cost as much as a good foreign car, it's better not to expect a price below $ 7000 if you want to get a really good car. It is best to buy a jet ski from official dealers of well-known companies (Bombardier, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Polaris).

Also it is necessary to include gasoline and engine oil (up to a liter of oil and 40 liters of gasoline per hour of training), $ 100-150 for a trailer for transportation, $ 30 for a normal hour of maintenance, and in winter time - $ 1 for a winter parking lot, $ 200 for conservation and reopening.

If the jetski is just a hobby and a career you don't plan, you can buy a used jet ski. But buying a used/have a car, be sure to seek help from a specialist, so you will not slipped junk. Otherwise, instead of conquering the expanses of water you will be busy with repair and purchase of spare parts.

If you are interested in aquabike, the bestlook in your city aquatic club. They will help you with the purchase (some clubs sell jet skis, and buyers automatically get membership in the club), service. Some clubs offer their members a variety of discounts.

Aquabike - a great hobby  for those who like extreme and is not going to save on their hobbies.