Everyone knows that New Year not only prepare certain dishes and decorate the room in the theme colors. Very often all want to come in costume. Especially different costumes like children, who are to wear them not only on holiday but also any other day to introduce yourself to the evil fire-breathing dragon. The land of the Soviets offers to sew for baby new year dragon costume.

Of course, kids dragon costume to sew quite easily. The key is to take a bit of patience and imagination. So, what does one need to sew new year dragon costume with your own hands?

You will need the following materials :

  • main fabric (most often used green fabric, but can take any other color)
  • contrasting silk breast, the back and mane (offer beige)
  • braid beige
  • hard mesh for the spikes, mane and hood
  • transparent fabric for wings
  • fabric for lining
  • a heater for the shaping of the tail, the spikes and the additional volume of the abdomen
  • snake corresponding to the color of the suit
  • two adhesive tapes
  • thread in the color of the suit

The Foundation of any costume is a jumpsuit. Naturally, for the manufacture of overalls You need a pattern of a dragon costume. For this purpose can use the pajamas of Your child as templates. Can also use the patterns that are provided on our website.

Based on the growth of Your baby, calculate the amount of fabric needed to sew new year dragon costume. So, for more 100 cm is enough for 1.5 meter of the main fabric. Use lining to suit not much stuck to the body and looked more voluminous.

Sew all four parts of the costume: the front and rear portions, sleeves. Front insert snake, with which you can zip up the suit. Back leave room to insert the tail and crest of the dragon.

A tail comb to produce quite easily. In the comb you want to insert only hard mesh. so he is not broke. But the tail is stuffed with a thin insulation. That dragon costume was believable, comb insert not only the back but also the tail.

Of course, what the dragon abdomen without light? Use the oval as a pattern for abdomen. Fold the oval and a few iron ribs, to simulate a real belly of the dragon. To belly on the costume was bulky, You will hit it all the same thin insulation.

At the bottom seam of the sleeves, insert the wings of transparent fabric. To mimic the folds on the wings, you can use the braid of beige. Take the ribbon of rays from one point of the armpits.

The hood needed to sew quite hard to keep in shape. Therefore, it is inserted into the rigid grid. Below the grid is not injected, it is desirable to make the lining of the hood made tight enough old matter. Thus, the hood will consist of four layers: lining, thick lining, mesh, the front part of the hood. Stitching all four pieces can be inserted into the seam fangs and nostrils of the dragon. Fangs can do the same as the thorns.

Now You only have to decorate the hood with spines and crest. Comb You already know how to sew. And the spikes make it very simple. Enough mesh to make a cone that is stuffed with cotton wool. Cone same size you want to sew beige fabric and dress on top of the grid. Now You just have to sew the spikes.

{!LANG-f8898cd69f8f106c1b2b17bb45b0cb36!}can make weight new year dragon costume. It will consist of capes with a hood. It is sewn wings and a crest.

{!LANG-4352c07177e88d3e7d45709f5f8460e7!}the dragon costume can be supplemented with mittens and soft Slippers in tone. Using heavy fabric, you can sew the claws.