The best gift is a gift made with your own hands. He is not just exclusive, it will show the receiver that you were not sorry for the time and effort to come up and make it something special. A good gift, for example, will be Christmas soap. brewed myself.

What makes ordinary soap for Christmas? Firstly, it is, of course, form — Christmas trees, stars, snowmen. everything that comes into my head! Second, it aroma. Essential oils of conifers and citrus, cinnamon with its aroma remind us of the upcoming holiday. So, how to make New Year's soap yourself?

Christmas soap "Tree"

To make this Christmas soap with silhouette Christmas trees, we will need the following ingredients and tools :

  • 60g transparent soap base
  • 50 grams white soap base
  • green dye
  • essential oil of pine, fir, etc.
  • cosmetic glitter
  • medical alcohol
  • the mold for the soap (square or rectangular) piece weight 100 g
  • flat plate
  • the mold for the pastry in a herringbone pattern
  • wooden stick

25 g of the white base is melted in a water bath, add a green dye and add a couple drops of pine essential oil. The resultant green substrate is poured on a flat plate with a thin even layer, sprinkled with alcohol and allowed to freeze. Then, using a cookie cutter, we cut out two green Christmas trees.

30 g of transparent base is melted in a water bath, add essential oil and a little green dye for a light shade, then - a little spangles. Stir, pour part of the base into a soap mold. Quickly put on the base in the form of a herringbone from soap, fill the remaining base, sprinkle with alcohol and let it freeze. Then once again, sprinkle with alcohol, melting the remains of the white base and pour into the mold.

On white base put a second Christmas tree. Melt transparent basis the same as last time, adding essential oil, dye and sequins. Fill the transparent base on top of Christmas trees, sprinkled with alcohol, allow to harden and remove the soap from the mold.

Christmas soap with a picture

You can do original Christmas soap print on water soluble paper  (it can be bought in stores selling household soap products). There is a paper with a pattern already applied, and sometimes it is white. On this paper, the pattern is printed using a printer. Manufacturers advise to use an ink-jet printer, but experienced soap-makers say that it works well on a laser.

Since we cook a Christmas soap, a pattern also must be Christmas: Christmas tree, snowman, Santa Claus, Christmas toy deer, symbol of 2012 year — Dragon, in General, everything that will like. In addition to drawing on water soluble paper you need to take :

  • 80 g transparent soap base
  • 20 grams white soap base
  • 2 drops of grape seed oil
  • 2 drops of jojoba oil
  • 2 drops of vitamin A oil
  • 2 drops of vitamin E oil
  • medical alcohol
  • perfume (what you like)
  • form for soap
  • wooden stick

White base cut into small pieces and melt in a water bath. Added to the basis of cosmetic oils, vitamins, and the flavoring, mix everything and pour into shape. Sprinkle with alcohol and let soap harden.

Gently cut out a water-soluble paper pattern and spread on soap. Cut the transparent base onto small cubes, melt it in a water bath, add a little bit of perfume (just a little) and fill it in over the figure. Again, sprinkle alcohol, waiting for the freeze. The frozen soap is taken out of the mold.

Of course, Christmas soap you also need to properly present. It is better to give not one, but several, wrapping them in beautiful package. A good gift is new Year's bath set. Put a few pieces of soap in a box with a transparent cover, a small terry towel, rolled up with a roller and bandaged with a ribbon. You can add a small bottle of essential oil, decorate with tinsel, cinnamon sticks and dried circles of orange and lemon and bandage the box with a ribbon. You'll see, your New Year's soap will not leave anyone indifferent!