The black water Dragon symbol of the coming New year. To happiness to You in 2012, in must be a figure of that mythical animal. A small dragon can do it yourself. How? Very simple. Dragons of salt dough looks amazing!

Christmas crafts from salt dough  can be great gifts for your friends and family. A molding from a salted dough will bring pleasure not only to you, but also to your children. Try to make with the children of dragons from salted dough, which will be great gifts for grandparents.

To begin knead the dough. from which you can sculpt the dragons. If you plan to sculpt three-dimensional figures, you will need 1 cup of flour, half a cup of salt and 125 ml of water. But if you plan to sculpt a thin figure, you can choose to add a tablespoon of PVA or starch in your dough. Also excellent wallpaper wallpaper glue, but it must first be diluted in water. Mix the dough with a mixer. So you will not only spend much less time and effort, but the salty dough itself will be much better.

As you know,crafts from salt dough are flat and bulk. Bulky dragon from salted dough can be an excellent gift. But from the flat figures make pictures.

Dragon out of salt dough

Describe how to make a dragon out of salt dough. To start, You need to determine the size and form of dragon figurines. Make a thick billet of aluminum foil, which will become Your base. Knead the salt dough and roll it. The sheet of dough should not be very thin. The rolled out dough will oblepicha figure out of foil. At this stage you should not try to sculpt all the fine lines. This is just the basis of Your work.

Now you can proceed with the decoration of the dragon's head. Using small balls, make him a nose and eyebrows. The salted dough is very soft, so you can form the dragon's face to the end with your fingers. With the help of a stack, cut out and form small details - the mouth, nostrils and eyes. If you do not have a stack, you can use the usual small knife. At this stage of making a dragon from a salted dough, you can completely complete the decoration of the head of the figure. Add cute ears to your dragon.

We begin to make out the bottom part of the figure. From the extra balls of the dough, make the dragon of the foot and cut the fingers on them. If your dragon should be with spikes, they should be done now. The last ones to add wings. / P\u003e

Drying of the finished dragon can be in two ways. naturally or in the oven. If you decide to use the oven, do not forget that it must operate at a minimum temperature. Dry figures should be in the oven with the door ajar. Dried dragon should be painted. You can use acrylic paint or gouache with the addition of PVA. To make the figure Shine, it is covered with varnish.

Christmas dough crafts can be done flat. We suggest you to make a frame for photos. In this case, you will need not only dragons from salted dough. From the same material you can make a frame of the sizes you need. Since we make a New Year's frame, it should be decorated with various figures: Christmas trees and asterisks. Do not try to attach all the figures to the frame at this stage. Each element should be dried separately. Do also dragons, with which you can decorate the frame. One of the simplest options is to make one long dragon. Roll the dough into a sausage of the required length and thickness. Fingers form the muzzle and legs of the dragon. Add wings and spikes (optional).

When the frame and decorations are ready, leave them to dry. Best of all, to products dried by themselves. It's long, but the dough will not crack. When drying in the oven, the product should be turned occasionally, so that the dough is evenly dried on all sides. When all the dough products are completely dry, dragons and various decorative elements are glued with PVA glue to the frame. Take a carpentry PVA, and not clerical, then no decoration will definitely fall away from the frame. A ready frame for photos is painted with colors and varnished.