Many mistresses prefer to do Christmas gifts with their hands. But a new year's gift should be appropriate to decorate. The decoration of the embroidery has always been considered very beautiful and elegant. Embroidery snowflakes will do any thing original and unique.

Your ideas Christmas house decorations may impress Your friends and relatives. So think about how You could decorate a room using not only the traditional jewelry. But if You already have an almost finished product but You don't know how to decorate, You can always use embroidery. For example, it may be even a simple tablecloth.

Cross-stitch for the New year perfectly decorate the tablecloth, which You can enjoy on the holiday table. Embroidery snowflakes will not take You a lot of time, especially if you take into account that there are different in complexity and size of the scheme.

Embroidery snowflakes will look great in the corners of the tablecloth. And if you take into account that new year's cross stitch is combined with various decorative elements such as ribbon bows, crystals and beads, Your Christmas tablecloth is originally decorated. Offer You embroidery schemes for the New year, which depict snowflakes.

Embroidery snowflakes can be monochrome. and two or three colors. Monochrome embroidery will take You much less time. But adding colors will make Your work more decorative. By the way, monochrome embroidery is so good that it is very easy to pick up additional decorative elements.

Christmas snowflake embroidery can also be carried out using conventional sewing machines. Embroider machine can be very fast, but the resulting patterns will surprise everyone with its smooth lines and complexity of the elements. Of course, the embroidery sewing machine requires some skill, so beginners should practice on a separate shred. Just redraw the pattern onto the fabric and place the sewing machine to position the embroidery (only if this feature is available in model cars). You can start to embroider snowflakes sewing threads, which You have chosen.

Remember that quality machine embroidery snowflakes You get only thick enough fabric. So use for machine embroidery with nice tight fabric. During embroidery, always follow the tension of the tissue. Insufficient tension will lead to the fact that Your work will be spoiled.

Using the seam of the back needle. You can also embroider beautiful snowflakes. This embroidery snowflakes will look great on things made of fine fabric. Usually stitch back seam using a needle thread the same color. To enhance the beauty of embroidery and make it more festive, you can use metallic threads. These snowflakes will beautifully glisten and sparkle. Can also use special yarns, painted in three colors. Thus You will create a beautiful and unpredictable colors!