None of the New year is not complete without the sweet gifts to the children. This is usually a white cardboard box or a backpack in the form of soft toys with candy inside. Why not give your child more than an original gift? Unusual tree of sweets I bet he'll enjoy!

Of course, the tree made of sweets is not only for kid's gift. It can give to anyone, to bring to a Christmas party or to put in the center of the festive table for Christmas tea party. A universal thing! For the manufacture of such a tree you will need :

  • candy in wrappers
  • thin cardboard or thick paper green
  • glue
  • stapler
  • Scotch
  • foil and scissors or ribbon.

The basis tree of sweets — this is a cone from cardboard or heavy paper. For the "classic" Christmas tree, it should be green, but you can make, for example, a golden or silvery tree. Of course, the very foundation will not be too clearly visible, but, still less, it will still look through the candy. If the paper / cardboard is available only in white, then you can then cover the substrate with a thin colored paper or paint with colors.

So, cut out from cardboard a semicircle or a quarter circle, roll a cone and fasten with glue, staples or tape. If necessary, trim the cone down so it was more stable. Now you can start gluing on the candy. You can do a plain tree, a stick on her candy one variety, but can motley, then for each tier you need to use another kind of candy. One-color version looks more stylish, colorful - more festive. If a Christmas tree is made of candy for a child, it is better to use different sweets, so that he tastes just a little.

Candy glued rows around the base, from the bottom up. At the bottom you need to stick the large candy, the higher — the smaller can be the candy. Each next row should overlap the previous bit, it is best to glue the candy in a checkerboard pattern. Glue them in two ways. Some glue on the tape. Plus of this method is that the candy will be easy to remove from the tree without damaging the Foundation. Minus that candy stick poorly, and some of the wrappers generally fine virtually impossible to stick to the tape.

There is another option — it is possible to "tail" candy stapler to attach a rectangle of paper the same color as the base. and already for this piece of paper to stick candy to the tree. In this case, the sweets that you want to eat, you do not need to remove from the tree, and carefully take out of the wrapper, leaving it to hang on the tree. So your Christmas tree from sweets will not lose its "market appearance" even when all the sweets are eaten.

The top of the Christmas tree can be decorated with a bow from a gift ribbon, or you can make a star on top. For this you need to cut out of cardboard two the details of the star, glue them together, leaving staklenim the bottom, to hang the star with foil and put on the top of the tree. Between the candy you can stick the rain or small Christmas toys, you can even make a Christmas tree garland out of small candy.

Beautiful tree made of sweets, "planted" in a pot. To do this, you will need a "trunk", a wooden stick or a dense cardboard tube. You can take a ready-made - such usually wrapped with foil or food film. Color the "trunk" with paint from the can and "plant" it in a plastic pot filled with polystyrene (in the middle of the foam it is necessary to make a hole slightly smaller in diameter than the trunk so that the tree is tightly reinforced). Polyfoam is also better to paint with paint from the can. A pot can be simply painted, painted or decorated in a decoupage technique.

Over the top of the barrel with glue, squeeze some glue in the cone-blank, "put" stub on the barrel, and when the design is dry, you can attach on the Christmas tree candy on a familiar scheme. Tree of sweets — beautiful and delicious gift that will not leave anyone indifferent!