Japanese culture is rich in various traditions, which sometimes surprise us all. And if many people have already heard about the origami technique, and some have already tried to do classic figures, for example, a crane. thenkusudama from paper  is not yet known to everyone. The country of the Soviets will tell you how to make original floral balls from paper.

Kusudama paper  - this is nothing more than a technique for making balls of flowers. To make different in form flower balls, you will need knowledge in simple and modular origami. The received kusudam simply amaze with a flower variety of forms. Tell you how to make kusudama from paper.

To make a Kusudama ball you will needcertain materials :

Kusudama parts are fastened with glue. Since all the modules are the same, you need to master the technique of folding only one element to make a certain ball of Kusudama from paper. So, we begin to make elements of kusudama from paper.

First, prepare all 60 square sheets of paper. For the manufacture of one flower you will need 5 modules. As a result, you will get 12 flowers of the same shape. Finished kusudama of paper can be monochrome. Also, each flower can be a certain color.

Following the illustrated instructions. You can easily make all 60 modules. Separately, we should talk about how to collect kusudama. Any modular origami of paper should be assembled into a single whole. This is how you have to collect Japanese flower balls.

Of the five modules gather one flower. Glue the petals together so that in the center of the flower formed an asterisk of internal partitions of the modules. So you should get 12 absolutely identical in size flowers.

Then the ready-made flowers should be put together. Bond between three of the flower with glue. You get 4 modules. These 4 modules is now very easy to glue to the end You form a ball of flowers in beautiful shape.

The finished kusudama paper always hangs on a thick enough thread. which can be decorated with decorative beads. Fasten the thread in the Kusudam while gluing together with each other four large modules consisting of three colors. By the way, on the opposite side of the flower ball you can glue a small string decorated with beads, which will give your kusudama a more decorative look.

To assemble kusudama from paper, you can use a completely different method. For example, on small rings, several small flowers are collected. So, one ring should be attached to 5 colors, and the second - 11. One flower should be left loose. Through this flower, thread the bead. Then the string is threaded on this thread: first with five colors, then with eleven. You will have a ready hemisphere. Repeat the same steps to secure the other two rings with flowers. Through the loose flower, thread the bead. Of course, this method is more suitable for other types of kusuds, in which they make a much larger number of flowers than in the one that the Country of Soviets suggests to you.