One of the Christmas traditions is the Nativity drama, a puppet show about the birth of Jesus Christ. To cast such a representation is required Christmas Nativity scene — a portable puppet theater. The land of the Soviets tell you how to make a Christmas Nativity scene with their hands.

Traditionally Christmas is a the two-story box of wood, in which are located the scenery and figures of the characters. Even if you are not going to play a puppet show, a Christmas nativity scene will decorate your apartment with a holiday. In addition, with his help you can tell the child the history of Christmas.

And it is not necessary to do a Christmas Nativity scene from wood, the material, and symbols. A paper den may not be worse than a wooden one, made according to all canons. The main thing is that you made it yourself. In addition, you can attract a child to make a paper den.

Try to make Christmas Nativity scene out of the box. we think you will certainly have an unnecessary box of shoes or sweets in your home. The box will be the basis ("scene") of the nativity scene, which is a nursery. If it is too deep, you can cut the borders a little. The bottom of the box is the back wall of your den.

To startglue the box inside and outside with colored paper. Outside, the color can be anything, inside it's better to cover with brown paper, imitating walls and floor. For decoration, cut out of colored paper or a foil of a star and cover them with a Christmas den inside and outside. You can use other decorations for the den, for example, spruce branches, cones, "rain", etc. "Sex" for greater likelihood can be covered with "straw" from thin strips of colored paper.

Now you need to make figurines of actors — Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and the three kings who brought gifts. Incidentally, the Magi did not necessarily have to be three: the exact number is not specified in the gospel, so that they may be more. The three Magi-kings — Balthasar, Caspar and Melchior is a Western European tradition, in Orthodoxy, they are not considered kings, and the exact number not counted.

So to make the figures for the Nativity, take a thin cardboard, paper, scissors, glue and paint (pencils, markers). Of cardboard roll and glue the cone  - this will be the trunk for the figure. Color the torso: draw clothes, hands. You can make an application instead of coloring. On paper, draw the face of the character, carefully cut out and glue it in front of the cone (we will count the seam from the gluing in the back of the cone). Hands, too, you can not draw, but cut and paste.

To make the figure of the baby Jesus, you also need a matchbox  - it will symbolize the nursery. Paste the box with colored paper. Yellow or light brown paper is cut into thin strips and glued on top of the boxes in random order - this will be straw. On the "straw" glue the cut out of the paper and the painted figure of the baby Jesus.

Don't forget to put in your Christmas Nativity scene and figurines of sheep. The easiest way to draw them on paper is by drawing a small "stand" from the bottom (as in the figure). Then cut the lambs along the outline along with the "stand" and bend the "stand" so that the lamb can stand. And if you have small toy lambs, you can just use them.

If you wish, you can sculpt the figures for the Nativity of salt dough or polymer clay and even matted wool. In General, use the technique in which you are able and like to work.

Don't forget to make and the star of Bethlehem. which announced the birth of Jesus. The easiest way is to cut out two star blanks from the cardboard, glue them together, first putting a rope between them (if you plan to hang a star on the ceiling of a den) or a stick (if you want to put a star). And then glue the star with gold or silver foil.

A Christmas nativity scene will bring to your home a holiday atmosphere. Do not miss the opportunity to make a Christmas dessert with your own hands and together with your households recall the history of the bright Christmas holiday.