One of the Christmas traditions is the Nativity drama, a puppet show about the birth of Jesus Christ. To cast such a representation is required Christmas Nativity scene — a portable puppet theater. The land of the Soviets tell you how to make a Christmas Nativity scene with their hands.

Traditionally Christmas is a the two-story box of wood, in which are located the scenery and figures of the characters{!LANG-aa2ec2d2ad45441f42f9afea3fa766f0!}

And it is not necessary to do a Christmas Nativity scene from wood, the material, and symbols{!LANG-78afa595d160e86f715cf383cbc3c215!}

Try to make Christmas Nativity scene out of the box{!LANG-78468dbbef5854b02331301305515541!}

For a start glue the box inside and outside with colored paper{!LANG-0b1e830e7cdd993f1baf9dbc6e55cd23!}

Now you need to make figurines of actors — Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and the three kings who brought gifts. Incidentally, the Magi did not necessarily have to be three: the exact number is not specified in the gospel, so that they may be more. The three Magi-kings — Balthasar, Caspar and Melchior is a Western European tradition, in Orthodoxy, they are not considered kings, and the exact number not counted.

So to make the figures for the Nativity, take a thin cardboard, paper, scissors, glue and paint (pencils, markers). Of cardboard roll and glue the cone{!LANG-054eec85ef8ae81a78b22df97e4e749e!}

To make the figure of the baby Jesus, you also need a matchbox{!LANG-ee74ae9f4993e19cc9fe88f2e626ef2f!}

Don't forget to put in your Christmas Nativity scene and figurines of sheep{!LANG-1f87114c8685acf4adee18351313e254!}

If you wish, you can sculpt the figures for the Nativity of salt dough or polymer clay and even matted wool. In General, {!LANG-bda74ae892efeffd1a2722849a69866f!}.

Don't forget to make and the star of Bethlehem{!LANG-4bdf833f8971df46ca53e3539fac5695!}