Cold porcelain is a very malleable material of which can sculpt thin and miniature items. Of course, you can sculpt from other materials such as salt dough. clay, plastic. But the fact is that all of these materials require further baking. Cold porcelain is also no need to bake, so it is like to work a needlewoman. The Soviets also offers you to try your hand at sculpting and make flowers from cold porcelain.

Cold porcelain mold is not only the flowers{!LANG-2ff9b81d406a001f16ae44e0bf6d1652!}


  • 1 Cup of PVA glue
  • 1 Cup corn starch
  • 1 tablespoon liquid glycerin
  • 1 tablespoon of any fat cream (be sure that the cream was white)
  • 1 teaspoon of citric acid or fresh lemon juice
  • essential oil (optional)

Do not be surprised that the ingredients are not specified water. Water in cold porcelain cannot be added{!LANG-4959f4747291308c4995554791c24d55!}

Here and ready your cold porcelain. Flowers to make him a bit early, after all you will need certain other tools. You'll need paint. Sure, porcelain can be painted with food dyes to be added during cooking. But many people prefer to use oil paint. You will also need a thin wire, on which to dry your flowers. Using wire you will also collect your products from cold porcelain. You'll also need scissors, an awl, a sharp hobby knife, stack, sponge for washing dishes and toothpicks. Of course, all the above materials you do not have to use in each work.

Flowers from cold porcelain: lilies of the valley

Modeling of cold porcelain is not difficult{!LANG-358c2c117fb5f3886907913914045177!}


Now white porcelain make the main part of the flower. To do this, roll the ball with a diameter of 0.5 cm and smash it to form a uniform circle. Form with-stack six petals Lily of the valley. Fix the flower with your fingers. In the end, you should get the six-pointed star of the correct form. On top of the workpiece Lily of the valley stick a small ball. Now using the stack to form a recess of a flower. You get ready to flower. Petals of Lily of the valley can be neatly wrapped up in a thin tweezers, thus recreating the natural look of the flower.

Lubricate the lower part of the core small amount of glue. Pass the core in the flower of Lily of the valley. Similarly make some more expanded flowers of Lily of the valley. Smaller buds can mold without a core. Unopened buds can mold directly on the wire. Ready flowers dry on kitchen sponge by inserting a wire in it .

{!LANG-fb7595a695a2331f8f3a4c26ea42427c!}From ready-made elements assemble your flower .