Decorative candles, the soft light shimmering in the dim room is the best accompaniment to a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day. So why not make these candles yourself? It is not difficult! Moreover, gifts on Valentine's Day. made with their own hands, is particularly valuable.

Romantic candles  on Valentine's Day can be made from the usual ready-made candles or from a special candle mass. For decoration, almost any improvised material is suitable: wax colored pencils, beads, shells, pebbles, sequins, ribbons, laces, paper or even food products.

Gifts on Valentine's Day are meant to symbolize the love of those who gives them.  Therefore, a romantic candle can be made in the form of a heart. To do this, you need to have a suitable shape: for example, it can be a metal or silicone baking dish. Also, you need a container for melting the candle.

If you use the finished candle weight, it in necessary quantity heated in a water bath up to melting. The usual household candle should be grinded in advance (you need to remove the wick from the candle). If you want to get a red heart, then a wax crayon or any other dye of the right color (it's important to remember that watercolors, for example, do not work) should be added to the molten mass and then thoroughly mixed with a stick.

To one end of the wick is tied to a small sinker and the other end is wound on a small stick or pencil. The wick is placed in the center of the form. which will be poured molten candle mass: the stick or pencil will help to fix the wick in a vertical position.

The molten mass is carefully poured into the mold and left in a cool dry place until full cure of the candle. In the process of drying the mass a little "usage" and will need to fill up some more of the molten mass. The hardened candle can be removed from the mold. slightly cooling it in the freezer or, conversely, slightly warming the mold in hot water.

Ready candle-heart can be a great gift on Valentine's Day, however, to give it a more decorative look, you can tie a candle with a beautiful ribbon. Additional decorations for candles as gifts on Valentine's Day will be a variety of decorative elements: sequins, coffee beans, dried flowers should be sprinkled with the walls pre-greased with vegetable oil form, and then you can fill in the form molten mass for suppositories.

If during the manufacture of the candles use a mass of different colors, you can get a beautiful striped candles and candles with "marble" stains. Striped candles are made by pouring into the mold a portion of the molten mass over the previous frozen layer, and the "marble" pattern is obtained by carefully mixing the molten masses of several colors.

Gifts on Valentine's Day in romantic decorative candles can be flavored with various essential oils  - so the gift will not only be beautiful, but also useful. In addition, some essential oils have an exciting effect, so candles with such oils can not be better suited for a festive dinner "tet-a-tete."