It's only January in the yard, but now we can think about the original greeting for your loved one on Valentine's Day: it's better than in a hurry to rush to the shops on the eve of the holiday. For example, you can make an original Valentine — this exclusive gift may be a thousand times more to tell about the feelings of a lover than a ready-made card from the store.

To please your loved ones, do not need some special reason, but all the same on Valentine's Day is so nice to give and receive in return a nice and touching valentine. It is even more pleasant if the donor made the valentine himself, putting his love and tenderness into it.

Original valentines are made from everything that only comes to hand - and you can not be afraid to seem ridiculous or sentimental. Funny valentines, refined, elegant, touching and soulful - you can choose any type, it all depends on what is closer to the lovers.

Valentine beaded

For example, the original Valentines out of beads. From cardboard cut two blanks in the shape of hearts, thin plastic wand with glue neatly decorated with a ribbon (tape edge can be fixed with duct tape). Cardboard hearts attached to the stick, also with glue. Now on each side of the resulting "Lollipop" is applied glue and then sprinkled with little heart beads. "Lollipop" can be decorated with ribbon bow.

In the quilling technique, also wonderful original valentines are obtained. You will need strips of red and pink double-sided colored paper (there is a special paper for quilling) and a bit of glue. From the stripes you can make hearts by bending each strip in half and twisting its tips in a spiral, and you can lay out the voluminous inscription "LOVE", filling the space with different paper spirals. Such an inscription can be attached to an ordinary rectangular postcard.

Original valentines with your own hands from napkins

A rather unusual work Valentines napkins. Very simple stuff that everyone has at home, it is quite suitable for making a creative masterpiece – an original Valentine.

Very appropriate for Valentine's day make a Valentine heart shape, to do this, but wipes'll need cardboard, scissors, glue, plasticine. Cut out of cardboard heart shape, paste it clay a thin dense layer, and from napkin to make colorful flowers in different shapes and size, combining colors. In a chaotic manner or by alternating colors every row, attach them to the heart. This Valentine you can do with reversal or not, as you like. On the turn you can place a Declaration of love or wishes. You will receive an original gift that will delight both you and your second half.

Original valentines are made with clerical clips, regular matches, tubes for cocktails and many other, sometimes very unexpected materials. A good material for making the original valentine will also serve as polymer clay - this is truly an unlimited space for creativity.

Original Valentines polymer clay can be decoration, they can be made in the form of fun magnets for fridge, key chain, just a table souvenir, etc. And is not necessarily limited to the traditional form of heart — original Valentine's day cards can be done in the form of angels of cupids, pair of swans, symbolizing loyalty.

Original valentines in origami technique - another unusual idea for the independent production of valentines. You can make a whole basket of such interesting Valentines, each signed with a declaration of love or simply sincere and warm wishes. There are ways to make valentine-origami simpler, but there are real masterpieces that will certainly be appreciated by the person to whom they are presented, for example, hearts or a box.

To make original valentines with their own hands is easy and affordable. Give your loved one a piece of your soul, putting your true feelings into the original valentine!