Many do not know that in the “Guinness Book of world records” distinguished not only people, but animals – each by its achievement. Dogs is no exception, for a long time they “competed” in height, weight, life span, height of jumps, etc. and this is what came of it.

So, what sizes need to have a dog to impress the Commission for the selection of the Champions? Was the best English Mastiff and St. Bernard. Generally, it is the largest breed of dog on earth. 77-91 kg – the average weight of males of these species. Chris Erectalis from London, UK, raised your pet Mastiff Zorba iqama of up to 94 cm at the withers, weighing 155,58 kg (the largest weight among dogs).

The height of 105.4 cm at the withers reached great Dane Samhret Danzas born in 1975, which belonged to the spouses Comly. The weight of the dogs was 108 kg. But an Irish wolfhound named Broadbridge Michael, who lived in the 20-ies of XX century in Kent, England, at the age of 2 years reached 100,3 cm

In contrast to these giants, there are tiny dog – Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua and miniature poodle. a miniature variety which in adulthood can weigh less than 453 g But the smallest adult dog it is considered one of the Yorkshire Terrier, which was the size of a matchbox. It belonged to Arthur F. Marples – editor of the magazine “Our dogs”. This tiny creature, deceased in 1945 at the age of about 2 years, had a height of 6.3 cm and length from tip of nose to base of tail is 9.5 cm And the weight of the animal was only 113 g.

Also in the Guinness book of world records came Chihuahua Brandy. its length of 15 cm and a weight of less than 900 grams. The owners did not allow his darling to sit on the couch or on the chair because if she had jumped down, it could break.

All know that on average dogs live for about 8-15 years, but sometimes, there are old-timers. For example, Australian dog named blue lived 29 years and 5 months. 20 years of which he performed the duties of a shepherd of sheep! The British record of longevity among dogs — 27 years 313 days — owned by the Scottish Sheepdog collie named taffy. The animal was born 2 April 1952 and died on 9 Feb 1980

The record for the high jump and climbing on the smooth wooden wall boasts a Bloodhound, Steg from the UK, which took the height of 3.72 m 27 Sep 1993, But the German shepherd dog Max jumped a wall with a height of 3.48 m 18 Mar 1980 Record for freestyle in the high jump belongs to olive OYL, which jumped by 1.5 m at a dog show in Illinois, USA, on March 22, 1996

Newfoundland named Barbara Allens Dark Hans is the strongest dog in relation to its own weight (44 kg). She dragged 2289 kg on the concrete surface, thereby won himself a place in the Guinness book of records.

4 Dec 1999 collie dog, jazz has set a speed record. having risen between 60 posts for of 12.98 C.

The longest swim is owned by two Labradors Kai and Gipsy. These animals along with their owner Steve fish from the United States crossed the Strait between lakes 15.2 km 6 hours 3 minutes 42 seconds.

The most courageous is considered to be a mongrel Katie. which in 1987 jumped on by Englishman Jack Russell with a height of 3658 m. This was the first but not the last dog jump. Among dogs there are fans and parachuting. Dash-hound Brutus jumped for the first time in 1997 with a height of 4572 m. Now on account of a brave little dog no less – 71 jump.

Well the richest dog is a poodle Toby from new York. In 1931, American Ella Wendel bequeathed your pet $30 million.