Roman blinds have become very popular lately. For them it is very easy to care for, and they look unusual and interesting. Hang Roman blinds in the kitchen. where they fit perfectly into the interior. You can buy ready-made Roman blinds, but I can sew them yourself. The land of the Soviets tell how to sew a Roman shade.

If you have sufficient skills with a sewing machine, you will be able to sew Roman blinds with their hands. In this case, the cost of the curtains will be half the purchase price. But this is only taking into account, if you use a ready-made mechanism that can be purchased. In this case, you will have much less trouble with the mechanism, and it will be much more reliable than the one you will do yourself.

For sewing Roman blinds use any fabric: dense or thin. With a dense fabric it is much easier to work. If you are sewing curtains the first time, we recommend that you use a thick fabric. Curtains made of fine fabric let in much more light, but they are harder to sew.

It is also important to talk about the pattern on the fabric. You can choose a plain fabric and print. Do not want to use fabric with large pattern. since during the manufacture of the curtain it can be deformed. Therefore use any fine drawing on your taste. Looks great on the curtains fabric striped, and there will be no deformation. And in the raised form beautiful folds are formed. Also pay attention to the width of the curtains. Roman blinds are not recommended to be wider than 220 cm, otherwise the rods in the folds will bend.

In addition to fabric you will also need additional materials. If you decide to make the mechanism yourself, you will need these materials:

  • Velcro
  • ring diameter 1-1,5 cm
  • round durable cord
  • thin rods (metal or wood)
  • clip cord
  • wooden rail for mounting curtains above the window

Before you sew a Roman blind,to properly calculate the length and width of fabric. To do this, measure the length and width of the window opening. The desired length of your curtain, add 20 cm, and width 10 cm. Now you can start sewing Roman blinds. On top of the front side sew across the width of the curtain tape Velcro. Sew the curtain tape with eyelets, not hooks.

Now start to measure from the Velcro along the length of the blinds where the rods are inserted. They are inserted every 20 cm of the length of the curtains. On the folds for the rods are left at 4 cm. Thus, every 20 cm you measure 4 cm per fold, then again 20 cm. Do not leave the stock on the fold below. On the folds fold the fabric face inward and stitch them along. On each crease from the underside of the curtains, sew 3 rings each. 3 rows of rings along the entire length of the curtains should be parallel to each other.

Your Roman blind is almost ready. Now it only remains add mechanism. and your curtain can be hung on the window. First, take the rod and nail the second part of the Velcro, the one with the hooks, to the studs. Instead of nails, you can use a construction stapler. Attach the curtain to your mount. To the rake, also using a stapler, attach three rings at the same distance as on the curtain. At the edge itself, also attach the cord clip to the rail.

Pass the cord through the rings and clamp. Now in the folds you can insert the rods. All you have left is to hang the curtains. To do this, it is unhooked from the attachment. The fastening is screwed with screws above the window. Then he is hung up with a ready-made Roman curtain.

As you can see, to sew Roman blinds with their hands very easily. Also you can change the number of folds in your curtain. All will depend on the length of the curtains. Don't forget that the length between folds should be 20-30 cm, and bend for attachment — 4 see

Instead of bending rods for you can use finishing tape. It is sewed across the width of the curtains in the places where the rods are to be placed. In this case, the stock does not need to be left on the folds. You will insert the curtains into the pocket between the ribbon and the cloth. On the finishing tape it is also very easy to fix the rings.

Now that you know how to sew a Roman curtain, you can make it. Decorate your windows with new curtains that will perfectly fit into your interior!