Exclusive cards and albums handmade is a great choice for a gift for Valentine's Day. for example. And for the manufacture of such cards and albums are very useful for decorative paper, made with his own hands. How to make paper at home. tell the country of the Soviets.

To make the paper at home, in the feedstock to use virtually any scraps and leftover  (laminated paper does not work). You will also need water, a sponge, a special screen, a blender or mixer, newsprint or sheets of blotting paper. Also, a piece of cloth with a size slightly larger than the screen will be needed, as well as a sufficiently deep and wide capacity. As such a capacity, home papermakers often use a cat tray.

Screen for paper making  at home can be purchased at the store for needlework, but you can make it yourself. To do this, you need a metal grid with very small cells, for example, mosquito net, as well as a wooden frame. Using a stapler, you need to fasten the mesh and the frame with the staples. The screen is ready.

Once you have all the tools and materials prepared, you can start making paper at home. The remains of the paper and break into pieces no larger than 2cm (also can be cut with scissors). In blender, you should pour a little water and then add pieces of paper. Next, the blender should be turned on for about 1 minute - the mass will turn into gruel. The longer the paper is grinded in the blender, the more fine-grained will be the structure of the resulting sheets.

To make paper at home from pieces of the same color or different colored pieces. To give colour to paper, you can use natural or artificial dyes. In addition, paper can be bleached. This would require gidroperita tablet: they are dissolved in a little water, and then the resulting solution must be added to the paper pulp.

In a wide and deep container, you should pour warm water. Obtained in the blender the pulp mixture must be poured into a container of water. mix thoroughly with hands. At this stage of making home paper, you can add to the mass of various decorative elements: confetti, colorful threads, sequins, etc. Perfect for the decoration of paper, also petals of flowers, various leaves.

Now you need a prepared screen, holding it upright, put it in a container of water. Then the screen should be placed horizontally, as if scooping up water. Easy movements left and right should evenly distribute the layer of paper mass on the surface of the screen. After that, the screen can be removed by holding it horizontally. Wait until the excess water drains.

With a sponge you need to the obtained wet sheet of paper (on the side where there is a directly grid) several times to remove moisture. The previously prepared piece of cloth should be spread on a wide flat surface. The fabric should be put to the screen with a paper weight of "face" down. Sponge to be a few times to wet the paper.

Now follows carefully separate the screen from the paper. then cover the resulting sheet of paper with a newspaper or blotting sheet, then cover with a cloth and then put under a press (a thick enough and heavy book is suitable). After a few minutes, the press can be removed, and then carefully remove the paper from the fabric and dry it in a well-ventilated place. In order to speed up drying, you can iron the paper through iron with gauze. The paper is ready!

So to make paper at home  - this, it turns out, is quite simple, and, moreover, very affordable. And the result will certainly be pleased with its uniqueness, because nowhere else in the world will not find the same paper - each sheet is unique.