Trimming of paper   - this is a fairly new technique of paper crafts. But even despite her young age, this technique has already a lot of fans. But the crafts made of paper, made in this technique, are very beautiful and unusual. The country of the Soviets offers to find you a new hobby for yourself - paper-cutting.

The technique of facing is very simple:prepared template pasted with special paper. Templates can be taken different: they can be small blanks in the form of hearts (such an article can be presented to your beloved on Valentine's Day), snowflakes, flowers. But also the paper-cutting technique makes it possible to perform large-scale multi-colored pictures.

Also with the facing of the paper can be done in various decorative items. So, it is possible to frame small frames embroidered with a cross or a smoothness in the framed frames. And that the frame looked very gently and neatly, it can be additionally decorated by attaching small beads, flowers or beads to it.

For corrugating paper, corrugated paper or napkins are used. On the one hand, corrugated paper facing may seem more complicated only because it is more difficult to work with such material. But on the other hand, napping has its drawbacks. So, sometimes it is very difficult to find plain wipes of different colors, and they are more expensive than corrugated paper.

To execute the paintings in the technique of the facing, you will need some materials: paper, cardboard, scissors, glue and a small thin stick. Some people like to make a face-off of paper with a bamboo stick (skewers for skewers), which has a thin tip at one end, and on the other hand it has an even dull part. The thin tip is good for adjusting the paper. But with a thick tip, it's good to cut the paper. But in addition, you can cut the paper with a pencil, a knitting needle, a blunt end of a crochet hook, a stick from a knob, etc. Remember, the thicker your base for making a face out of paper, the rougher your work will look.

From a sufficiently dense cardboard, a shape is cut out. Also it is necessary to take into account that the cardboard is of the same color for the substrate as the paper for facing. Thus, if you have a cardboard base through the paper, it will not be highlighted in a different color. If you are planning to make a two-color figure, for example, a red heart with white wings, cut out two patterns from cardboard. The basic pattern is a red heart that is made without wings. But from the white cardboard should be cut already a heart with wings. In this case, the size of the white heart should be slightly smaller than that of red. On top of the white heart glue the red workpiece. And already on the ready template you can make a face-out of paper.

Of course, you can manage one piece of white cardboard, but then the template will have to be pre-painted in the color you need. Similarly come with pictures of large size, for which you need paper of different colors. On the workpiece, the boundaries of an element are preliminarily drawn and painted in suitable colors. And only after the ink has completely dried, you can start to cut the paper.

How exactly do you make the cut from the paper? To begin with, corrugated paper or napkins are cut into small squares. The size of the squares will vary depending on the thickness of your sticks. The thicker the stick, the larger the square. Accordingly, the larger the box - the rougher your work will look.

Take one square of paper, put it on my finger. To the centre of the box is attach the wand to the facing of (the pencil rod from the handle or knitting needle) and screw her paper. Use care not to damage the paper. Spread a small part of the surface with glue and apply your wand to it with a square of paper wrapped around the end. When you remove the wand, the paper will remain on the template. If the glued square has moved a little, it can be immediately corrected with another thin end of a bamboo stick. So continue to cut until the entire pattern is covered with paper. The finished product is given a good dry, after which it can be hung on the wall or decorate it with your other works.

It is so easy to make a punch out of paper, that even children can do this activity. Try and you will perform several crafts in this technique.