A bubbling fountain will be an excellent decoration of house, garden or even the backyard of a private home. In principle, to make such a fountain can be then it will look exactly as you want and will fit perfectly in the landscape design. How to make a fountain with his own hands?

Garden fountain can be a different size, view, finish, shape of the jet. It may not even be the actual fountain (that is, beating up the stream of water) and the waterfall or cascade. Actually that is not important. The main thing in any fountain is the pump{!LANG-7fac09d3a302c2c113e5b691c1a1f0e6!}

So to make a fountain that will delight the eyes and will not cause you unnecessary problems, you need to first buy a good pump. There are submersible pumps, and there are those that are installed on the shore{!LANG-279b7dcd1f111f7a3d0d9ae08d560d41!}

If you want to make a fountain for the garden first you need to dig a hole under the future pond, which will drain water{!LANG-e4a6eb7ba9247cf61acc97bf027663de!}

You can make the fountain without the reservoir. In this case, the sides and bottom of the excavated hole you need to strengthen wire mesh, then insert a formwork of sheet metal, and pour concrete. Code the concrete hardens, as his sparkroom{!LANG-20c377700ed2b9034aa0700bf4ec3144!}

Then install the pump{!LANG-31fea807050d8de4e8d5cad6e04b6d76!}

Since most pumps are powered from the AC mains, you need to be very careful when connecting the pump. For greater security, you will need a solid dielectric housing, waterproof cable and waterproof the connectors. In General, it is best to entrust the wiring to a professional{!LANG-76b4de00bffc14ced87f8d5424c7190d!}

The spray tube of the fountain is mounted in a vertical position. Sprayers are made of different materials, but it is better choose a dispenser made of ceramic, bronze or fiberglass{!LANG-0b62aee06a3cb61462eb774c54d336a3!}

The easiest way, buy the ready set{!LANG-0ee6579d652b8cf90cf5cf101c7da9a3!}

Decorate your decorative fountain{!LANG-96381c020728c354bc70dc5b9eabd9c1!}

You can use special lamps, designed for installation on the bottom of the fountain{!LANG-8b5450d5b090f1b6cb20b568adc3a8ad!}

You can put pond plants. but it is tedious to choose such plants that are not afraid of falling large drops of water, or position them away from the jets of the fountain.

From time to time will need to clean the pump and change the water in the fountain{!LANG-46353c7f40fc25392797a354280bfb52!}

As you can see, make the fountain with his own hands{!LANG-359b37884b2e119512077a11f15dd420!}