In the previous part of the article "Growing pepper seedlings "you could get acquainted with the peculiarities of selection of land for planting, time of sowing seeds and much more. Now it's time to tell you about how to grow seedlings of pepper.

Growing pepper seedlings: caring for seedlings

When the seeds sprout, with the pots removed the tape and put them on a well-lit place{!LANG-da7cd52626d3bbc6018e75d1273b981a!}

When the seeds germinate, they are watered during the first 3-5 days{!LANG-3995e6c40f4b6c0cfedff8d40301b1e0!}

To the roots of the plants received the right amount of oxygen, the soil should be loosened{!LANG-fbd5297914ba433602a1a2246e9aa739!}

Growing pepper seedlings: swordplay

Plants dive for better development of the root system. Also during the dive necessarily transplanted seedlings in cups larger capacity, where the plants can continue to thrive. As practice shows, pepper after the pick slightly slows its growth{!LANG-4b6ae0be0ad4778692400f37f4d865c0!}

If you decide to dive seedlings of pepper, then this can be done when the plants have two true leaves with a length of at least 5 mm{!LANG-32ec1652eaaf9287d92bf165e6dd821c!}

Growing pepper seedlings: fertilizing

Make your pepper seedlings at home well grown, her need to feed. Fertilizing is a very important point in growing pepper seedlings. Even if not to take into account that after a dive or handling the seedling begins to grow and develop in a good substrate, plants are not always able to obtain from the soil the right amount of nutrients. It is therefore recommended that fertilizer on seedling phosphorus and nitrogen fertilizers.

Phosphorus needed for good plant growth and root development. But nitrogen is needed to increase of green mass. But remember that {!LANG-d5b60cddd91906195bbcfb2dc0af8b12!}{!LANG-e3ded716e142a8ac7c3f1cd8c209f065!}

The first feeding performed two weeks after the appearance of 3 leaves. The second feeding carried out in 10-12 days after the first. During this time, the pepper should appear 4-5 leaves. The third feeding{!LANG-172248f770d641d16aff4552294ee0d5!}

For fertilizing plants can use dry poultry manure, organic liquid and dry fertilizers{!LANG-baf6c00392a34555e83ff549de6c71b1!}

Growing pepper seedlings: hardening

Pepper is a very heat-loving plant, so before landing on the constant time it should temper. Thus, the seedlings of sweet pepper will get used to sunlight, wind and cool air.

Hardening should be started two weeks before planting peppers in the open ground{!LANG-c105a1231ff4c22ea35681f8f3c6887b!}

Now your seedlings are completely ready for planting in the ground{!LANG-d5d3e424872f1f21088ed298183fa442!}