Good seedling is the key to a great harvest. This rule applies for seedlings of any culture. Many gardeners choose not to grow seedlings on their own, and buy it on the market. Most often it refers to the tomato seedlings. But it often turns out that a healthy looking tomato plants is of poor quality. To have a good harvest, the cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes you should do yourself.

The cultivation of tomato seedlings with many similarities to the care of the seedlings of pepper. So, both these crops should be planted on seedlings at approximately the same time. But do not forget that pepper is a late-ripening culture, while tomatoes have early-ripening varieties. Depending on what kind of tomato you want to plant on seedlings, choose the most suitable month. But still, let's talk about all the nuances of growing tomato seedlings more.

The cultivation of tomato seedlings: planting time

The most important issue in tomato production is when to plant tomato seedlings. Depending on the type of early maturity you need to adjust the seeding time for seedlings. Thus, tomatoes of early varieties are planted in March. But late varieties of tomatoes should be sown in February. Note that seedlings before planting in the open ground should grow at least two months on your balcony.

You should always look at the lunar planting calendar of auspicious and inauspicious days for carrying out any agricultural work. With continued use of this calendar you will always know when to plant tomato seedlings .

The cultivation of tomato seedlings: seeds

At the moment on the market you can buy a variety of tomato seeds. To how much you can harvest tomatoes, recommended to grow in the suburban area of different varieties of tomatoes. early, middle and late. Also choose those varieties of tomatoes that will suit you best. Some varieties have excellent taste, but they are not suitable for conservation.

When you have decided on the seeds they should be planted seedlings. Before planting, you should remove poor quality seeds. It is possible to immerse all the seeds in salt solution (30-50 g per 1 liter of water). All the seeds that emerged, must be removed. Most likely, they will not germinate. Next, seeds should be soaked in a weak solution of manganese in for 15-20 minutes. Then the seeds should be rinsed in clean water at room temperature. Prepared seeds soaked for 12 hours in a solution of mineral fertilizers.

The cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes: prepare containers and soil

Seeding tomatoes is best done in fairly large boxes. Often used tetra packs from under yogurt or milk. This container is very convenient, but it is better not to use it. On the surface of the package may remain fermented bacteria, which are disastrous for the roots of seedlings of tomatoes. It is better to use similar packages of juice.

For growing seedlings of tomatoes use a special soil mix that you can buy in the store, or prepare your own. Mix equal parts grassy land, lowland non-acidic peat and river sand. In a mixed mixture, you can add a little humus. Also the mixture should be moistened with water with mineral fertilizers dissolved in it. For 10 liters of water, use 10 g of carbamide, 25 g of superphosphate and 20 g of potassium sulfate.

The cultivation of tomato seedlings: planting seeds

Planting tomatoes into seedlings is done when your seeds are already swollen. Prepared containers filled with potting compost 2-3 cm below the rim. With tweezers place the seeds on the soil surface. Make neat rows, leaving space between the seeds 2 cm Between the rows must remain a space of 3 cm should Not sow the seeds too often, otherwise the roots will come too little air, and the seedlings are strongly elongated.

A blunt edge of a pencil or pen press the tomato seeds to a depth of 1 cm. Sprinkle seeds on top with dry ground. Spray the soil well from the spray gun. Cover the box with a lid or a film and put it in a warm place.

About numerous other subtleties of cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes you can learn in the second part of this article.