In the first part of the article "The cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes "Country Councils have already told us about the preparation container, soil mix and seeds for sowing. Now is to tell you more about how to grow the tomato seedlings.

The cultivation of tomato seedlings: seedlings first

Already a few days after seeding, you will have first shoots{!LANG-6d66cb167a9aef92118da051174c275f!}

The cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes: dive

Dive seedlings of tomatoes should be, when they will appear 2-3 true leaves{!LANG-9ddb9fd6ee1a23bc4d43a00949445ae6!}

During the dive it is important to follow some rules :

  • cut only 1/3 of the main spine
  • never take a plant for a stem, but only leaves or soil ball around the root
  • it is advisable to use gloves that the plant was not shocked by the temperature drop because of your touch

Polerowanie plants are transplanted in small cups{!LANG-9038a2be41850d5ac3ff8f3b3df78450!}

After a dive the first 3 days seedlings of tomatoes kept at a temperature of 20-22°C. at Night requires a reduced temperature. But as soon as the tomatoes will survive, day temperature lowered to 18-20°C and night — up to 15-16°C.

Pikirannya watered seedlings 1-2 times per week{!LANG-4899b8bd30ab3352805e792b3ad6b9d4!}

The cultivation of tomato seedlings: fertilizing

First fertilizing tomato seedlings should occur in 10-14 days after transplanting{!LANG-cef62d3f738fc9c5b4e9bd7a21cc7bd5!}

Via 20-22 days after transplanting of seedlings should be transplanted into large cups{!LANG-6ea932dd0cce4b9985ac95cdb53b47db!}

Each application align with the watering. Also don't forget after feeding a little to loosen the ground.

The cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes: hardening and landing

Your seedlings almost ready to plant. {!LANG-f4d4802ff72f3ebd911fdb4829f81796!}{!LANG-37eb942beb07f13a598aa4ea50865a2e!}

Last question remains: when to plant tomato seedlings? {!LANG-d6c731673d1e2911e35e384933441dfc!}{!LANG-0ca90c828076e93ad5f5f462fc3cd87c!}