In the first part of the article "The cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes "Country Councils have already told us about the preparation container, soil mix and seeds for sowing. Now is to tell you more about how to grow the tomato seedlings.

The cultivation of tomato seedlings: seedlings first

Already a few days after seeding, you will have first shoots. At this time, you should remove from your container, which grows seedlings, film and put it in a well-lit place. To grow tomato seedlings it is very important to maintain the correct temperature regime. In the first week the temperature should be kept within 14-17 ° С. At night, it is necessary to lower the temperature to 10 ° C. In order for your seedling to develop properly, it needs a 14-hour light day. When necessary, the illumination should be carried out. Further, the temperature should be increased and maintained in the range of 20-25 ° C.

The cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes: dive

Dive seedlings of tomatoes should be, when they will appear 2-3 true leaves. But this rule can not always be applied. So, if you have enough weak and thin plants, you should wait with a dive, until they appear on 3-4 regular leaflets. If you have good plants with a thickened base at the base, then they can be dived.

During the dive it is important to follow some rules :

  • cut only 1/3 of the main spine
  • never take a plant for a stem, but only leaves or soil ball around the root
  • it is advisable to use gloves that the plant was not shocked by the temperature drop because of your touch

Polerowanie plants are transplanted in small cups. Each bottle should have a drainage hole, so that the water in it does not stagnate. Note, if your seedlings are too much stretched, then it should be slightly damped when planting. The stalk of the plant is half submerged in the pit and covered with earth. But make sure that the cotyledon leaves remain above the surface. You can also make grooves in the cups, in which the seedlings are laid, and the top is covered with earth. Make sure that all leaves, including cotyledonous, are not covered. Cover the seedlings with transparent glasses. In a couple of days, when the seedlings are raised, they can be removed.

After a dive the first 3 days seedlings of tomatoes kept at a temperature of 20-22°C. at Night requires a reduced temperature. But as soon as the tomatoes will survive, day temperature lowered to 18-20°C and night — up to 15-16°C.

Pikirannya watered seedlings 1-2 times per week   until the soil is completely soaked. In the future, the number of watering can be reduced to 1 time per week.

The cultivation of tomato seedlings: fertilizing

First fertilizing tomato seedlings should occur in 10-14 days after transplanting. You can feed ready-made complex fertilizers. But you can also prepare your own mixture. For 10 liters of water, take 35 g of superphosphate, 4 g of urea and 12 g of potassium sulfate.

Via 20-22 days after transplanting of seedlings should be transplanted into large cups. where it will grow until its landing in the open ground. It is undesirable to dive the plants immediately in large glasses, because they are difficult to maintain the normal moisture of the earth. 2 weeks after transplanting tomato seedlings into large glasses, it is once again fed with fertilizers.

Each application align with the watering. Also don't forget after feeding a little to loosen the ground.

The cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes: hardening and landing

Your seedlings almost ready to plant. It should have a good saturated green color. 15 days before landing, it begins to be tempered. For this, on warm days, when the air temperature is above 12 ° C, it is exposed to fresh air for 2-3 hours in the first 2-3 days. Then you can leave tomato seedlings in the air for a whole day. As a result of hardening tomato seedlings should acquire a purple hue. It is also very important that the soil is sufficiently moist when hardened, otherwise the plants may fade.

Last question remains: when to plant tomato seedlings? Seedlings are planted in late May and early June. At this time, your seedlings should already reach a height of 25-35 cm. Each plant will have 8-12 well developed leaves. Also, sometimes you can see well-formed inflorescences. To preserve these inflorescences, 4-5 days before planting the plants in the open ground they are sprayed with a boric solution (1 g of boric acid per 1 liter of water). Spray plants should only be in cloudy weather, so that on the leaves of plants there are no burns.