To Easter. the feast of the Resurrection, the lush tradition to bake cakes, make Easter cottage cheese and, of course, to paint and to paint eggs. However, in addition to prepare festive dishes for the Easter table, it is necessary to care also about home decoration. {!LANG-d9e8b558ff8943f7e254539464b2e54d!}. for example, such as a wreath of eggs, a perfect interior decoration.

A wreath of eggs is a great craft for Easter. The wreath can be part of your festive table setting. they can decorate the wall. In Western countries, these wreaths to decorate the front door also. Their hands to make a wreath with eggs is a snap.

By the way, in order to make a wreath with eggs. it is not necessary to use real eggs, because crafts for Easter can be made from many different materials that are at hand: multi-colored woolen thread, scraps of cloth and leather, wire, foam, etc.

For the manufacture of garlands of eggs, there are a variety of ways. For example, to produce these crafts for Easter you can stick to the wire basis of different decorative materials and painted eggs. The a simple wreath made of eggs you can do so.

First you need to prepare 12 eggs, equally white and brown. eggs should be washed thoroughly, then gently pierce each with two sides and blow out their contents. Next is to prepare the wire. This requires from the coil wire (it should be thick enough) to cut about 1 m. Cut a piece of wire should turn in the ring. Eggs should be obtained strung on the wire ring, alternating colors.

Further you need to prepare the leaves for this DIY for Easter. For this you need to cut crepe paper pieces about the size of 6X10 cm, and then from paper cut workpiece leaves. From each pair of blanks happens on one leaf. After you need to take the wire (it should be slightly thicker than that used for the base) and cut into its pieces with a length of about 7-8 cm.

Followed each piece of cut wire dipped in glue for about half the length and then glue to the wire from one side of the blank leaves so that the wire formed as if the main vein. Likewise, you need to glue the blanks and leaves the other side of the wire. Thus, on each segment of wire will have two leaves.

Each pair of leaves must be attached to the ring base between the eggs. wire with leaves sufficient to wrap around the wire base and then make a few "twists" for fixing the position of the leaves. It now remains to cut off the extra base wire, and the ring to connect with duct tape. The connection can be decorated with a nice ribbon or an eyelet. This toy for Easter as a wreath of eggs ready.

Crafts for Easter, made with their own hands, are not only a wonderful decoration for a festive interior, but can also be wonderful gifts for friends and family. For example, made with their own hands a wreath made of eggs you can present a gift, if you go at Easter to visit.