Yucca is fairly undemanding house plant that can be grown in almost any apartment. To create the conditions for this flower is easy, and Yucca grows in the home very well. The land of the Soviets tell you how to care for Yucca.


Jukka: care at home



The location of the Yucca in the apartment




Watering Yucca




Soil for yuccas




Fertilizing Yucca



Note! Although the Yucca is in need of regular feeding, the need for mineral substances it is less than ordinary houseplants. Make approximately half or slightly more than half the amount of fertilizer that will be recommended in the instructions for your purchased drugs.

Jukka: reproduction


Propagation of Yucca by cuttings

  1. In the early summer or spring cut off the top part of the plant that is at least 5-10 cm.


  • Slices of plants be sure to sprinkle powdered charcoal.
  • For rooting cuttings of plants its first cut dry within 12 hours.
  • Remove from petiole 80% of the leaves, it is best to leave only 1-2 a piece.
  • Then the stalk can be planted in a pot with moist sand or put in water with the addition of activated charcoal tablets. However, it is best to plant the stem for rooting in moist perlite.
  • During rooting Yucca in water the lower leaves of the cutting can rot, that will not only cause odor, but can also lead to rotting of the trunk. Rot the leaves should be removed.
  • Do not allow drying of the soil, but do not fill it with water. The soil must be constantly vlaznim, but not wet. Also from time to time to spray the rooting Yucca is the only time that spraying will do her good.
  • When the shoots appear from the roots, it can be planted in the substrate. Usually the rooting process takes 3-4 weeks.
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    The reproduction of Yucca seeds


    1. Perform the scarification of seeds of Yucca: sandpaper carefully nodelete peel seed, so it was easier to arise in far from natural conditions.
    2. Wisata seeds in a light potting mix which consists of equal amounts of sand, turf and ground sheet. Seeding depth – 2.5-3 diameter of the seed.
    3. Pot cover glass and daily ventilate the crops. Do not allow drying of the substrate.
    4. The optimum temperature for seed germination of Yucca – 25-30 degrees.
    5. After germination, allow the Yucca to form 1 sheet.
    6. To dive down plants in disposable cups with a capacity of 100 ml. soil should be used already the same as for adult plants.
    7. A week after picking soil small plants of Yucca with a solution of 1 g of NPK in 1 liter water. Repeat this feeding every 2 weeks.
    8. After forming 4-5 leaves of the Yucca can be considered already an adult. Now it only requires replanting and proper care.


    The reproduction of Yucca suckers


    1. Take low and long pot (any container with holes at the bottom to be drained of excess water) and fill it with wet sand, tamping well.
    2. The trunks of yuccas lay the pot horizontally and lightly press down for good contact with wet sand.
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    4. Cut the trunk into as many parts as there are sprouts.
    5. Every part of the trunk and put in a separate pot.