Technique of braiding is used quite often, because you can braid beads, pebbles and larger objects. On the eve of Easter,the beaded eggs, beaded. to make unique Easter eggs.

Entanglement eggs with beads is that you will to conclude in woven shell bead eggs. Of course, it's impossible to work with boiled or raw eggs, so you need to use plastic or wooden ones. The latter can be bought in the market from masters who sell such hand-made articles. In this case, not necessarily to take expensive hand-made articles, because for braiding eggs with beads, wooden cuttings with chips are ideal, which have lost their market appearance. Such blanks are cheap enough, and they are best suited for work.

Also for beading we can usesimple plastic eggs. which can be bought at a gift shop. But the egg-boxes from under KinderSurpriz will also be ideally suited for this purpose.

The beaded beads can be performed in different techniques: delicate, dense weave and stripes. In this case, depending on the technique, you can create fanciful patterns. Thus, openwork braiding with beads is good because almost any weaving scheme can be used for this technique, during which honeycombs, crosses, diamonds, etc. will be formed. But it should be noted that for the openwork weaving it is required to paint the base in the color you need. Therefore, it is best to use wooden eggs, the color of which can easily be changed. If the color of the base is fundamentally unimportant for you, you can leave it in its original form.

A dense twining bead begins with the fact that initially you should weave the belt around the widest part of the egg. This belt is then closed by a ring. It is important to take into account that the ring should be closed very carefully, so that the seam is not visible, and the pattern coincides. Next, for braiding the Easter egg, you can use both dense and openwork techniques. The main thing is to close your braiding on both sides. It should be noted that when braiding the eggs on its lower and upper part, it is necessary to reduce the number of beads used, while the weaving rhythm should remain the same. At the very top of the egg, beads are pulled together to close the ring. Bottom work the same way. Also do not forget that your egg should stand on the stand, not on the table. The stand can easily be made from two rows of beads, closed in a ring.

In order to perform entanglement eggs with beads, you will need the following materials.

  • thin needle for beading
  • beads of necessary colors
  • waxed thread for beading
  • harvesting eggs

With these materials, you can make Easter crafts with your own hands. To weave a beautiful belt,you can use simple ornaments. which are later adjusted to the size of the girdle and the shape of the egg.

Also braided egg can decorate with additional elements. It can be various leaves that will look great with egg braided with beads of the same color. The leaves can be placed at the top, giving the egg the appearance of a small fruit, so below. In the latter case, the egg will be in a small basket of leaves.

The beaded eggs bead is so multi-faceted that at a certain skill and imagination you can Supplement your work with various decorative elements. In this case, you can use the so-called "beaded moss" or "mosaic cord".

Entanglement Easter eggs can be done not only beads, but also various beads and bugle beads. In this case, you should carefully think over the composition so that your egg looks unusually beautiful and original.