Mushrooms are a unique product. Inveterate mushroom pickers do not like fungi, as the process of collecting them. Unfortunately, we are used to eating mushrooms not as often as other foods, so it seems to us that this product is something supernatural and exotic. But you can easily growmushrooms in the country. the main thing is to observe the features of technology of cultivation.

Mushrooms in the country are planted with  forest mycelium that can be transferred to the dacha with my own hand, a dispute, a customized mycelium or a method of transfer from the forest of an old tree that was infected with a mycelium. Let's consider each method in more detail.

Mycelium.  The soil, permeated with the mycelium, which is located around the trees, is the mycelium. You can carefully transfer this soil to your dacha, given that the mycelium needs fertilizing and certain conditions. Try to deceive the soil, creating it almost forest conditions. For this, a substrate is used - a moistened material that fits into the soil. The material for the substrate can be sawdust or straw. Thus, you create conditions that are identical to the habitual conditions of mycelium, and after a couple of weeks you can already harvest.

Disputes.  Mushrooms in the country because of the spores do not grow as fast as in the case of the mycelium. In order to grow mushrooms using spores, you need to break the hats of old mushrooms, throw them into prepared moist soil, add a substrate and wait for the harvest. The only downside of this technology: disputes can be unproductive.

Transfer of the old rotten tree from the forest.  This method does not involve anything complicated. In order to grow mushrooms in the country, you just need to take a rotten tree, move it to your dacha and put a mycelium there, without forgetting to water it. There is only one nuance: if you took a mycelium from under the pine, then you should put it in the pine, and not in any other tree.

Mycelium-to-order.  This is the most qualitative way of growing mushrooms. You can order the mycelium by mail, buy in specialized shops or at companies that can give you professional advice on how to grow mushrooms in the country. To work with this mycelium, you first need to choose a room. It can be a basement or a barn where there is enough shade and moisture. The mycelium is placed in a plastic bag, the substrate is also added there from straw and sawdust. In the package you need to make holes through which the mushrooms will grow. The first mushrooms that will appear in such conditions, it is impossible to eat yet. They need to be moved to a more lighted place, where they will finally ripen. This will take 2-3 weeks. Do not forget that during the growth period, they need to be splashed with water and kept at a temperature of 15-20 ° C.

As you can see,to grow mushrooms in the country is not only easy, but also very interesting.  And what kind of mushrooms do you want to decorate your dacha? Chanterelles, russules, oyster mushrooms, champignons, Polish mushrooms and butter mushrooms are most likely to grow in your dacha and on the balcony.Note that the fungi are complex, for example:

  • chanterelles are best grown in clay and sandy soil
  • russulas are very fond of deep shadow
  • an ideal substrate for oily - oak sawdust or sawdust of hardwood;
  • Polish mushroom likes to grow under the shade of chestnut
  • for mushrooms it is very important that the humidity was 90%, and the shadow — 100%
  • oyster mushrooms like temperatures of 10-16 ° C and 12-hour lighting.

Well, a little patience, and the mushrooms in the cottage will delight your eyes and festive table. Mushroom pickers argue that mushrooms grown at home can not be compared with forest mushrooms. No one argues, because the forest mushrooms receive a full, native and natural replenishment. Nevertheless,mushroom cultivation is a great hobby and an opportunity to surprise guests with his own grown unique product.