Recycle your old tires can be a great material to decorate flower bed at the cottage. It is possible to make a very beautiful flowerbeds of tires. and various pots in which you grow flowers and herbs.

Flowerbeds of tires is very easy to make. But it is worth considering that this is a man's job, because with the old tire you have to tinker a bit, and for this you also need to exert some strength. There are a lot of variants for making flower beds from tires with which you will decorate your flower garden.

The easiest way to make flower beds at the cottage of tires, is cut them into two halves. It remains only to dig in the tires and plant flowers in them. To give the flower bed brightness, the tires can be painted in various colors. If you do not like this option, you can show a little more imagination and make a whole roller coaster. To do this, do not cut tires. All that is required of you is to fill the tires with earth and lay them out in the shape of a pyramid. At different levels, plant a variety of flowers to achieve an extraordinary result.

Flowerbeds of tires with their hands

Making a flower garden in the country can be very interesting if you have different creative capacities. Of course, these tanks can be made from old tires. There are a lot of options for different flower beds. For example, it can be a round flowerbed-vase in a tire carved in the form of a bell or chamomile. Particularly popular are beds of tires in the form of a swan.


To make a flower bed, you'll need an old "bald" tire. On one side mark the line of the cut. It simulates the petals of a flower. Further, all business equipment. With a sharp knife cut a tire on the intended line. If the tire without steel fibers, no difficulties should not arise.

When the cut is finished, remove the top part of the bus. Now you have the most important thing is to turn the tire inside out. In the resulting pot you can make a bed. If desired, you can paint the pot in a different color. But for this, first the surface of the tire should be degreased, and then apply the paint of the color you need.

By the way, using the same technology, you can make the same pots from whole wheels. and not just tires. The shape of the petals may choose any: semicircular, triangular or rectangular. The difference between a pot from the wheel and tyre virtually no. Only in that flowerbed of tires will stand on the earth, and from wheels — on a kind of stand.

Flower Swan

Painted white tire can be a work of art, if it is properly cut Swan. To make a swan, do not cut the inside of the tire. Due to its rigid structure, the tire itself will keep its shape.

To make a Swan out of the tire back off 3-5 cm from the edge of the tire tread and make two symmetric slit along its surface. The length of the incisions should be about 2/3 of the length of the surface. From the narrow part you should make the neck of a swan. But the wide parts are wings. With the design of the wings you can fantasize and make various cuts that will mimic the feathers of a bird. These can be simple shallow incisions along the length of the surface of the wings. And you can also make small notches of a triangular shape to give the wings more texture. Also, you can bend the wings the way you want. Choose the angle of arching yourself. From the narrow part make the head and neck of the bird. Also do not forget about the tail of a swan. The final touch is the painting of the bird in white. Now you can plant your flowers in it.