How to water orchids For all types of orchids is very important the correct watering. This is not just limited to simple irrigation with water from the tap once a week. Such treatment plant it will quickly start to fade. Even if the flower will survive to bloom a plant will not. So how to water an Orchid. The land of the Soviets tell you all about the correct watering of these plants.

Very often lovers of orchids make the same mistakes. When trying to create optimal conditions for orchids, they apply their knowledge to care for other plants. But the fact is that orchids are very demanding. For them, everything is important: proper care. selection of substrate and irrigation.

By the way, is largely a question of how often to water an Orchid is a stumbling block. It is impossible to say with certainty how often to water your Orchid. Some orchids will be enough of watering once a week, others — every two or three days. It all depends on the following factors: the size of the pot, the temperature and humidity of the air in the apartment and the composition of the substrate. All of these factors affect the rate of drying of the substrate. The faster it dries completely, the more often you need to water your Orchid. Also note that water the Orchid only when the substrate in the pot is completely dry. Any Orchid is much better to tolerate the lack of water than its excessive amount. When over-watering the substrate time to dry out. As a result, the orchids begin to rot the roots, which leads to the death of the plant.

There are several ways to water the Orchid. It can be dip, shower, spraying, and watering using a watering can. Let's look at each of these ways.

Watering using a watering can is the most common method. Prepared by pouring water on the Orchid across the surface of the pot in which it grows. Ensure that water droplets do not fall on the point of growth and in leaf axils. Water the Orchid across the lake to until water starts flowing from the pot through the bottom drain holes. When all the water glass, after a couple of minutes, it should be reiterated watering orchids. Excess water that remains in the trays should be drained.

Spraying the root collar orchids suitable only for those plants that grow without substrate. These orchids grow immediately in baskets. To such plants is the Orchid Vanda. Such plants should be sprayed once a day, preferably in the morning so roots have time to dry by evening. Also, it is preferable to set the spray mode of the fog.

Hot shower for orchids a positive effect on their growth. Also plants that bathe under the shower, often in bloom. Water the plant through the shower 2-3 times per month. The water temperature should fluctuate in the range of 40-52°C. the watering Time and the number of approaches is unlimited. The shower head should be put on the diffusion of water to as little as possible to injure the plant during watering. After watering the Orchid, leave it on for 10-15 minutes alone to excess water glass. If you poured a hot shower a Vanda or Phalaenopsis after watering is very important to remove water from the leaf axils. Sinuses, you can dry with a cloth or blow the water out of them. With the accumulation of water in the leaf axils will start to rot the root collar.

Watering the orchids with the help of the shower gives its positive effects, since all the dust and pests that can settle on it are washed off from the plant. Also orchids are accustomed to swimming under the hot tropical rains. But to water the orchids through the shower only in the regions where the tap flows soft water or water of medium hardness. Hard water orchids can not tolerate.

Now it is necessary to tell, how to water an orchid using the immersion method. For such a method of watering you will need a basin or bucket with warm water. In a bowl put the pot of Orchid for 20-30 minutes. After watering, leave the plant out of the pot the glass extra water. It is also desirable to use the same water for watering plants. If one of the plants affected by parasites or fungal infection, then the disease will spread to other orchids.

You should pay your attention to watering orchids during flowering. It is very important that the Orchid is getting enough moisture, or the duration of flowering and number of flowers significantly reduced. Also it is impossible to prevent excessive watering. Face hard to find, but quite real. Be careful with misting orchids during flowering. It is impossible that drops of water fall on the flowers, as those will be covered in black spots.

Now you know how to water an Orchid, and you should not have any problems with it. Separately say about water, which should be used. You can use water from the tap, but it needs to settle. If your region hard tap water, it must first soften. To mitigate you can buy oxalic acid, which is sold in flower shops. Pour the desired amount of acid in the water and let it settle. Then pour the water without lifting from the day of Deposit. If you use distilled water, it should be half diluted with normal water. After distillation in water leaves no salts, which are very important for plants.