Learn to play the guitar without a teacher is difficult, but possible. It will cost you many long nights spent with books and notebooks with the chords. It's one thing to know how to choose a guitar. which will last a long time without repairs and breakdowns.

The choice of this instrument is very large — from cheap works unknown genius to prestigious brands such as Fender or Gibson{!LANG-5b9c7e578c40eff1420f8ecb79412977!}

{!LANG-7a1c2646d5da546bdb12be1cfbd73549!}Metal strings have a sharp sound, and {!LANG-4d4c3be2eb4123c552ede1e5a6a0d260!}{!LANG-a90f569c71f7635a13e7d5c3c0fc9d21!}


It is undesirable to order an instrument online-store, because you should hear the sound that is always different, needs to hold him in my arms, to get used to it. {!LANG-f2b225d58e6de8d02373ffe16a532afb!}{!LANG-5872d26506a79a1f756879b228146d22!}

When you have already defined a model of a tool, ask the seller to provide multiple instances, because the sound of each may vary. Now begins the most important, so choose a guitar. Need inspect the soundboard and fretboard{!LANG-3ec6012ba1dfe0d2179d5afb72a1ef69!}

Clear sound is ensured by the fact that the distance between the fretboard and the strings should be 3-4 mm{!LANG-803490d6884f07406dee5dc71d8b1d33!}

All metal parts{!LANG-b78698cf5ead000336ba8fe7117a5bda!}

Very well, if you brought with you to the store tuner, which will have a huge impact on how to choose a guitar. Tuner checked the scale{!LANG-1ba6d87d71d442b1d731b190b9d7e641!}