Sowing lunar calendar for August 2012 year — the best assistant gardeners. It will help you the best way to plan garden work in the last month of summer, focusing on the phases of the moon and its movement from one zodiac sign to another.

1 and 2 August  The moon will be in the constellation of Aquarius. August 1 is the last day of the growing Moon, August 2 comes the full moon. In these two days it is not recommended to plant or plant anything. Possible work in the garden and vegetable garden - spraying, fumigation, weeding, pinching, cutting bushes and trees.

On August 3, the Moon begins to wane. For the period 3-5 August  it will go to the constellation Pisces. During this period, the lunar calendar for August 2012 recommends the planting of bulbous plants, pruning and grafting berry bushes and trees, cultivation, irrigation and fertilization. Also this is a great time for harvesting pickles and jams.

On 6 and 7 August  The moon will be in Aries. In these two days, plantings and crops are not recommended. You can take care of harvesting: you can safely collect root crops, fruits, berries, medicinal and essential oil cultures. You can also harvest vegetables and fruits for future use by drying.

From 8 to 10 August  The moon will remain in the constellation of Taurus (on August 10, the last quarter of the moon falls). These days it is recommended to plant all tuber and bulbous cultures. You can also cut bushes and trees. You can also collect fruits, berries, vegetables and mushrooms. The crop, which was harvested at that time, is perfectly suitable for the creation of winter stocks.

On 11 and 12 August  The moon will move into the constellation of Gemini. These days it is not recommended to plant and transplant herbaceous crops. But the following types of work will be effective: weeding, removing unnecessary shoots, mowing, mulching, cultivation. You can also collect root crops, herbs, berries and fruits.

13 and 14 August  The descending Moon will be in the constellation of Cancer. Calendar gardener and truck farmer recommends planting most of the root crops (carrots, potatoes, beets, radishes, radishes). If you decide to start harvesting medicinal herbs, make sure that drying is particularly effective. These days it is worth collecting what is not subject to long-term storage. Even during this period, pickles and canned food are especially successful.

From 15 to 17 August the moon will be in Leo.On 15 and 16 August do not recommend you to plant and transplant garden crops. But it is possible to collect and dry the fruits and roots and mowing grass to slow their growth. These two days are also perfectly suited to prepare beds for planting, mulching, pest control, harvesting sunflower seeds, pruning trees, harvesting of medicinal plants.

17 August  - New Moon, this day recommend a break from working in the garden and vegetable garden, there is nothing to sow, plant and transplant.

August 18-the Moon will start to grow. On August 18 and 19  the night star will be in the constellation Virgo. These days, the following types of work are not recommended: planting and transplanting vegetables and fruit trees, planting on seeds. But not designed for fruiting, ornamental plants (dog rose, honeysuckle), planted these days, will get on well. If you decide to do flower planting, give preference to climbing plants. You can also do mowing to slow the growth of grasses.

On 20 and 21 August  The moon will go to the constellation of Libra. These days it is recommended to plant flowers, laying tubers and seeds for storage, planting stone fruit trees. Effective will also be the following types of work: haymaking, watering, cutting flowers, creating lawn ornaments, caring for indoor plants.

On August 22 and 23  The moon will be in Scorpio. You can safely plant the majority of crops, vaccination, pruning of trees and berry bushes, watering, fertilizing, pest control, loosening of soil are also effective. These days are great for canning fruits and vegetables. Such types of works are not recommended: propagation of plants by roots, planting of trees and gathering of grasses.

On 24 and 25 August  The moon will spend in the constellation of Sagittarius (on August 24 will have the first quarter of the moon). These days it is recommended to plant fast-growing crops (pepper, garlic, onions, greens), medicinal herbs (for seeds), spinach, strawberries, plums, honeysuckle, dogrose. And if these days you plant home flowers, they will blossom faster. The lunar calendar for August 2012 also recommends taking up the collection of vegetables, fruits, berries and seeds, cutting flowers, drying mushrooms and vegetables.

On 26 and 27 August The moon will be in Capricorn. It is recommended to do the planting and transplanting of trees and shrubs (especially plums, pears, currants and gooseberries). Can also devote time to cultivation, fertilizing, mowing, grafting of trees.

From 28 to 30 August  The moon will be in Aquarius. We do not recommend sowing or planting, instead you can collect root crops and grains, mowing, fumigating and spraying, cutting bushes and trees, weeding and pinching.

31 Aug - the full moon, the moon will move to the constellation Pisces. As always on a full moon, crops and plantings are not recommended. Lunar calendar for August 2012 offers other types of work: fertilization, irrigation and cultivation.